Week Nine: Rainbow yawns, and a hole in my wallet

The morning sickness has now struck Jess with aplomb, causing her to blow chunks on a regular basis right in the middle of a weekend visiting old family friends (I hope she managed to get it all inside the toilet). She’s also experiencing quite sharp abdomen pains, which we know from when she was pregnant with Isaac is as a result of her having a double hernia operation when she was a baby; the scar tissue now giving her grief as her ligaments stretch to accommodate her swelling womb.

(Disclaimer: If your mrs has pains, it is best to see your doctor. Now don’t sue me.)

Anyway, this pain is causing her to whinge a bit; prompting me, in the end, to grumpily mutter “Get over it”. I’m not being mean, it’s just that during the same evening I’d had an unfortunate encounter with a newly-toasted Pop Tart which had resulted in a burnt thumb, which I was nursing carefully and sucking from time to time, and I was grumpy. Although it’s considered safe for her to have paracetamol (but not aspirin or ibuprofen) she’s refusing any pain relief just to be on the safe side. I, on the other hand, could quite happily overdose on Calpol.

Beware: can cause burnt extremities.

She’s also incredibly weepy. A single episode of Scrubs, which normally has us both in stitches, today reduced her to a blubbering wreck on account of one song that was played which reminded her of being pregnant with Isaac (‘Overkill’ by Colin Hay, if you must know). I am being as supportive as possible, but as I suffer from a ridiculously short attention span it gets tricky. Exasperated, Jess tells me that if I was pregnant for a day I’d be the most “whinging man ever”. I tell her maybe so, but I wouldn’t do it out loud.

Us men are not without our pain, though: recently Jess spent £250 on maternity clothes. They’re necessary as she’s already got a bit of a bump and therefore needs to cover herself up until we tell people, and so she’ll get good use out of them – but it still doesn’t stop the whole thing being flipping expensive.

She also has low blood pressure, and so suffers now and again from dizzy spells during these early weeks. This is quite normal around this time, so keep alert and make sure that she gets plenty of food and water to keep her going. You may also need to either pluck her out of the air if she faints or turn her over into the recovery position if she passes out completely, which for my weedy arms is quite a task.

OK, so she just cried at an episode of Friends. What the heck’s going on?!

12 responses to “Week Nine: Rainbow yawns, and a hole in my wallet

  1. oooooh, was it the acoustic version of overdrive? that is a good song. i can’t believe you compared your burnt thumb to the pain of scar tissue expanding to accommodate a baby and live to tell about it, you are a luck man.

    • Yeah it was!

      I’m great at the hiding part of hide and seek, so whenever I antagonise her I just run away and she can’t find me for days!

  2. I’ve been crying to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition daily. And also, my golden retriever accidentally scratched me the other day and I had a tantrum like I had lost a limb, screaming and crying. And that time I burned bacon in the microwave and just plopped myself down to bawl? I know that the baby inside of me is making me do it, and I feel so ridiculous when I do, but I don’t care.

    The hubby doesn’t seem to mind. At best, he is entertained when I gag like I have a hairball. I’m glad I can entertain him.

  3. Hey Ben, sorry to hear about your thumb!! Get over it ;-)

    Great post again, I’m with Jess on the low blood pressure thing, I hate the fainting feeling. I get a buzzing in my ears before I faint – like a kind of early warning system. Last time it happened though I had just been sick in a bowl, told Hubby that I was going to faint so he did the sensible thing, he pushed me towards the bed as I fainted and grabbed the bowl of sick. Well, he didn’t want to have to clear up the sick did he!!!

    PS. loved your twitter post today, hilarious – are you sure you’re not my Hubby in disguise?

  4. Hi There

    I have been reading your weekly posts and just wanted to say that they are great. It’s nice hearing a week by week guide on pregnancy from a guys point of view LoL Keep the coming. Carly xx

  5. These posts are really fab…insightful yet humorous accounts of the father’s perspective. I should really see if my husband wants to write a few posts about what he’s feeling during this crazy time…besides relieved that he doesn’t have to go through himself. ;)

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