Sport in Six Words

Putting the whole Andy Gray and Richard Keys thing to one side for five minutes, it’s the simple truth that the offside rule is difficult to understand (not just for women, I should hastily add). I tried to explain it to my three year-old son, but he didn’t get it. Mind you, he wasn’t really listening: he was too busy smearing glitter all over our nice living room rug.

This got me thinking, and somehow I came up with the idea of describing sports in no more (and no less) than six words. So that’s what I did, and the results are below. First, though, a video showing the perils of sport – and, therefore, exercise in general:

Join me, in what I can only describe as ‘Sport in Six Words’. Because that’s what it is. Count them, if you like.

Football: Kick a ball towards a net.

Cricket: Hit shiny red ball with wood.

Darts: Throw pointy things at colourful circle.

Rugby: Funny shaped ball, mouthful of mud.

Swimming: Lie in water, kick your legs.

Boxing: Hit harder than the other guy.

Formula 1: Drive for ages around curvy track.

Olympics: Throw, dive, run. Hop, skip, jump.

Tennis: Whip a ball back and forth.

Golf: Hit tiny ball with long stick.

Cycling: Pedal your legs – look, no hands!

Snooker: Hit white ball into another ball.

Horse Racing: Gallop rather fast, don’t fall off.

Do you have any? I haven’t thought about baseball, basketball, or American football yet. Care to offer a suggestion?

15 responses to “Sport in Six Words

  1. Netball: throw catch stop run catch shoot
    Skiing: Wearing 2 long planks on snow
    Dressage: make a horse do a dance

  2. Basketball: Bounce ball, then throw at hoop.

    Baseball: Hit white ball, run round diamond.

    American Football: Move ball forward 10 yards each time.

    Squash: Run madly after small bouncy ball

    Diving; Jump, flip, splash: hope to live.

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