Looking for the ultimate guide to being a dad?

You lucky, lucky people. Or words to that effect.

‘Goodbye, Pert Breasts’ has done pretty well since it was published as a book back in September. It’s received great reviews and I’ve had some lovely feedback from both mums and dads, for which I honestly thank you.

For the last few months I’ve been slaving away on a sequel, which I can now unveil to you with all the pomposity of a big fat Mayor pulling a blanket off a statue.


‘Teething Pains’ deals with parenting from the ages of 0 up to 4 years old. Whilst, like ‘Goodbye, Pert Breasts’, ‘Teething Pains’ is aimed primarily at dads, mums – I hope – will also love the humour and benefit from the advice.

Its format is much the same as ‘GPB’: down-to-earth humour, a conversational style, funny photos with funnier captions…but underlying it all is sound practical advice and those observations that only parents will be able to relate to.

It is split into four main sections: Baby, Infant, Preschool and Random Stuff, with each section packed full of short humorous chapters on pretty much everything, from nits to night terrors, teething to temper tantrums, bonding to bullying. You can see a full list of contents by clicking here with your mouse thing.

If you find yourself compelled to buy a copy (which I hope you do, of course), it’s currently available from Lulu – although it will be on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle formats) in a few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support. I don’t have an agent or anything, nor do I have a future as one of literary’s greatest writers. But I wouldn’t be able to muster up the motivation to write if it weren’t for your words of encouragement.

If you would like to review a copy, or interview me, then please get in touch!

Much love,


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