Quite the Rhyme-Master

I’ve gone and written another poem. This time it’s one for kids, so it doesn’t involve fat people or anything rude. I’d have published this as a book (you know me, I just love to self-publish) but it turns out I can’t illustrate, and the only people who can charge way too much for the privilege.

So, I thought I’d put it on my blog instead. Because that’s what blogs are for. In fact, the word ‘blog’ means ‘share rubbish’ in Ancient Greek. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

It's there, honest.


The Naughty Satsuma

The naughty satsuma started a rumour
About the blueberry pie.
He went on to tease
The carrots and peas
And told all the parsnips a lie.

He pinched all the peaches and tickled the plums
And laughed at the pineapple’s hair.
He started to grapple
With the orange and apple
And told them he didn’t want to share.

One day late in May the time came to play
And everyone laughed, sang and danced.
Satsuma was alone
Just him, on his own
As the cucumbers jumped and pranced.

Satsuma felt sad as he sat by himself
It seemed he had been forgotten.
“It’s easy to see
Why they’re upset with me
’cause I was rude, and mean, and rotten.”

He wandered to where the broccoli skipped
And bananas played cards with brown bread.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled
“I’ve truly been humbled
By the thought of the mean things I’ve said.”

The celery looked at the cabbage and grapes
The pears and the swede exchanged glances.
“No problem!” they laughed,
“You’ve been a bit daft
But we all deserve second chances.”

So Satsuma played with all of his friends
And danced in the warmth of the sun.
He said “I have seen
It’s wrong to be mean
And I’ve never before had such fun!”

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