Man, that song sticks in your head…

It’s Lelli Kelly, the cutest shoes


With Lelli Kelly we are so cool


*sound of being punted over a fence*

Man, that tune’s annoying. So’s the advert. I am, of course, talking about those Lelli Kelly shoes.

Let’s ignore the terrible dubbing for a second, and the garish footwear: I need your opinion. I’m writing a piece for Parentdish about make-up on little girls, and how parents feel about it.

If I had a girl, I think I would feel pretty uncomfortable about letting her go out and about with an inch of make-up on; but I don’t have girls. For the record, I would definitely┬ábe unhappy about either Isaac or Noah donning lip gloss and eyeshadow before flouncing out the door.

Parents of girl(s): I need your thoughts on this subject. How do you feel about make-up? Have you banned it until a certain age? Do you let your little girl leave the house with make-up on?

Please leave your thoughts via the handy ‘Comments’ function below, and I will be forever in your debt.

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