The Terrible Threes

Isn’t it funny how one minute your kids can be really sweet, and the next you want to hang them by their feet from the rotary drier in the garden and give it a good spin?

My eldest – Isaac – is 3, and in that phase of constantly pushing boundaries to see what he can get away with. He ignores us when we ask him to do something, he throws a bit of a strop if he’s forced against his will, and when he gets moody he frowns so much all his forehead fat accumulates above his eyes. I wish I had a photo of it to show you, but whenever it happens I’m normally too busy trying not to snigger.

Every now and then he’ll say something a bit mean, such as “Daddy, I don’t like you any more”, or “I’m not your friend”. When this happens, I tend to just ignore him: either that, or do that thing where you pretend to cry in the hope that he’ll change his mind and give you a cuddle. It never happens. He’s all like “Wail all you want, I ain’t giving in.”

And his expression is much like this.

Today, though, he took the threats to a whole new level. I was watching him play with some toys from across the room, when he noticed me looking. He beckoned me over with a tiny finger, and I scurried across. He leaned into my ear; I expected a kiss.

“Don’t look at me ever again.” he whispered.

If my expression could be written as an emoticon, it would look much like this. I think I pooped my pants a little.


7 responses to “The Terrible Threes

  1. Not necessarily a bad thing…perhaps he’ll grow up to be someone not to be messed with. Like a top Banker or a member of the Mafia. Could be your future key to financial riches you know…

  2. I think you’ve just described my Finlay. I thought two was meant to be bad. Three is a different level altogether! Three laughs in the tantrum face of two and kicks his baby brother while he’s rolling around the floor. Then blows a raspberry, runs off and pulls all the toilet roll all over the floor. Oh wait, that was today.

  3. So glad everyone else is getting the same as me, I thought I was doing something wrong. My 3yrs is female and sounds just like the males, glad to see others are assaulting their siblings, her brother is a punch bag at the moment and I am constantly jumping in to defend him.

  4. Wonderfully written!

    One can almost here the quiet menance in the tone of voice.

    brought a big smile :-)

    Thank you!

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