The Most Ridiculous Emergency Services Calls Ever Made

You may have spotted this article on the BBC News website today, which records the actions of an 11 year-old German boy who was so fed up with doing what he called ‘forced labour’ – which was, in reality, just housework – that he phoned the police.

Ridiculous, no? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the young boy – who has not been named, probably due in part to the massive amount of mockery he’s going to be subjected to at school – is just the latest in a long line of people who have taken it upon themselves to call the emergency services over the pettiest of things. Here’s my top five of some of the most bizarre.

5. A Bad Case of Fowl Play
27 year-old Latreasa Goodman, from Florida, called 911 three times after her local McDonalds ran out of Chicken McNuggets and the cashier refused to give her a refund. During her 911 call, she said “This is an emergency. If I had known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one.” She was arrested for misuse of the 911 system – but eventually got her refund.

4. A Bad Duvet Day
You’d think the gentle folk of Devon and Cornwall were a laid-back bunch, what with all the fresh air and countryside, and whatnot. But it seems they can get into a bit of a panic over the strangest of things. One woman rang 999 after waking up with her duvet over her head. There is little more that can be said to try and explain this further.

3. A Neglectful Spouse
Us men are often the subject of rib-poking and general mockery due to the fact that most of us find it difficult to fend for ourselves, especially when we have been reliant on the support of a good woman for a while. But still, when your wife leaves the house without leaving you any food to eat, you pick up the phone and ring Domino’s. You don’t call the police.

2. Calling Officer Pretty
A man in uniform. Every woman’s fantasy, right? For Lorna Jeanne Dudash, her fantasy was made reality when a deputy police officer who had visited her house caught her fancy. After he left, she could no longer bear the thought of him leaving her life forever: after all, this could be the man of her dreams! So she called 911, and asked that the deputy – who she described as “the cutest cop I’ve seen” – return to her house to be the subject of her very own cavity search. The cute officer returned, and arrested Dudash for wasting time. She now faces a rather large fine, but has managed to escape a year behind bars. And no cute officer in sight.

1. Loneliness is an Emergency, Right?
There’s lonely, and then there’s Lonely. And John Triplette – a 45 year-old unemployed man – called the emergency services over 27,000 times. Not because there had been a break-in, or a murder: but because he wanted company. After being tracked down via his mobile phone signal, Triplette apologised for the calls, but states he made them “because they were free.” He now faces six months in jail, where he will be surrounded by gruff inmates more than willing to have a good chinwag, I’m sure.

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