Hi, Sorry, Who is This?

I’m bored. What shall I do?

I know, I’ll text Dave, see if he wants to come out for a drink.

I love Dave, he’s ace.

‘hi dave u wanna go 4 a drink?’

*bleep bleep…bleep bleep*

My, that was a remarkably quick response.

‘hi sorry who is this? dave’

‘Who is this’? ‘Who is this?!’

What does he mean, who is this? 

I’m Ben! I’m, like, his oldest friend.

How does he not have my number?

Did he delete it? Did he delete my number?


Why would he do that? Did we have a fight?

I don’t remember having a fight with Dave.

Maybe he’s got a new phone and lost his contacts. 

Still, why wouldn’t he add me straight away?

He knows my number.

What, am I not important enough for him to add to his new contacts list?

We go way back. What a pleb. He’s an idiot.

How can he not add my number? 

You know what, I don’t care. Stuff Dave.

I don’t want a drink any more.

I’m going to sit and sulk.

5 responses to “Hi, Sorry, Who is This?

  1. haha, this made me laugh….but to be fair to Dave he could’ve got a new phone & like me transferred all his contacts only to find that some of them are missing! I should listen to myself though as I text my friends this morning to say I had a new number & one of them text me back to say ‘who is this please’…..I didn’t explain though, if she has deleted my number then she doesn’t need to know!

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