I have another child, and his name is BlackBerry

“What’s the capital of Sweden?” I yell at my BlackBerry. It is a smartphone, after all. It looks back at me, blankly, and I toss it to one side (gently, of course, because I don’t want to break it. As much as I can’t stand the way it crashes all the time, I kind of need it).

On the whole, I tolerate my BlackBerry, just like I tolerate my nephews, or the entire cast of Hollyoaks. But sometimes it’s like I have a third child, especially when it does this:

Now, I know: being notified that I have a notification is not a bad thing. But there are a couple of occurrences when this persistent red light reminds me of a nagging child tugging at my sleeve:

  • When I’m super-busy and don’t want to be distracted;
  • When I already know I have a notification (eg. I’m on the laptop and a reply to a tweet appears on Tweetdeck; seconds later the little light starts nagging).
And, in both of the above instances, the light is flashing in the corner of my eye, and it’s normally telling me that I’ve made the mistake of commenting on one of my sister’s Facebook statuses, and as such I’m bombarded with a deluge of notifications as her friends leave comment after comment after comment after comment…

What to do? Answer the notification, I suppose, or just turn the phone off or over. Not difficult, of course, but irritating nonetheless. Just like my actual children.

One response to “I have another child, and his name is BlackBerry

  1. I don’t have a Blackberry but if I were you, I’d hide it somewhere dark and deep. Where you can’t see it. And where the sun possibly doesn’t shine. Like a well. This also works for children. (please don’t tell social services)

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