Daddy, Daddy!

The other day I discovered that some kid in the year above Isaac at school has been picking on him. Thankfully it’s stopped now, but the surge of teeth-grinding fist-clenching protectiveness I felt (and feel) has inspired this little poem.

I’ve self-published it as a book, with Isaac (age 4) doing the illustrations – click here to check it out. (A great gift for Father’s Day, if I do say so myself…)

It’s only short, but I hope you like it.

Daddy, Daddy!

‘Daddy, Daddy!’ the little boy said.
‘I think there’s a crocodile under my bed!’
Daddy gave me a cuddle and scared it away
‘I’ll never let anything hurt you, no way.’

‘Daddy, Daddy!’ the little girl cried.
‘Daddy, I think there’s a bear outside!’
Daddy growled a big growl, and scared off the bear
‘I’ll always be here to protect you, I swear.’

‘Daddy, Daddy, a dinosaur!
‘A dinosaur with a very loud roar!’
But Daddy’s was louder, and the dinosaur shook
And together we read my favourite book.

‘Daddy, Daddy, there’s a shark in the lake!
And swimming close by is a slithery snake!’
Daddy frightened them off, and said ‘Have no fear.’
‘You’ll always be safe as long as I’m here.’

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