CBeebies Poster Boys: Opening the Floodgates

I can imagine, if you had a cage full of starved lions, that when you threw them some meat they’d all go mental. Well, earlier tonight I did just that: on Twitter. But instead of lions, it was mums. And instead of meat, it was – well, pieces of meat.

See, I was messing about a bit with photos of the CBeebies presenters following an idea which came to me as I was sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for my two year-old to do a wee on the toilet. (We were there for about 40 minutes, but that’s another story.)

And so, when the kids were tucked up in bed, I tweeted a photo of Mr Bloom – whom I know a lot of mums have a bit of a thing for.

Within a few seconds my replies feed was overwhelmed, submerged beneath a sea of hormones as mums everywhere took to their keypads to express their joy at his cheekbones and luscious hair. Even Dr Ranj joined in. And so I did another one of the good Doctor, and once more Twitter swelled with lust.

Before I knew it, I was getting requests. ‘Chris Jarvis!’ squealed one. ‘Justin Fletcher!’ shrieked another, safe behind her computer screen and therefore unable to see any strange looks other mums were giving her. But, never wanting to disappoint, I duly obliged.


And I also threw in a bit of Mister Maker, Andy Day and Alex Winters, and since then I’ve had requests for pretty much everyone, so watch this space.





All in all, it was a very busy evening, although very little had actually been achieved. And so, finally, not wanting to leave the dads out of it, I created a poster of Nina, Cerrie and Katy. The CBeebies schedule will never be quite the same again.




Photo Credits: Mr BloomDr Ranj Chris Jarvis Justin Fletcher Mister Maker Nina – Andy Day – Alex Winters – Katy Ashworth – Sid Sloane Rebecca Keatley Cerrie Burnell

49 responses to “CBeebies Poster Boys: Opening the Floodgates

  1. I’ve got a girl crush on Katy and that one has made me feel all funny.

    Genius, that’s given me such a laugh, thank you :)

  2. I have to say I was actually LOL Laughing Out Loud!…dr Ranj has made me want to rejoin twitter just so I can talk to him! Hehe

  3. OMG! Massive hilarity and fantasy fuelling.. Now slashing several presenters though..obviously not needed with the Rhyme rocket boys..

  4. Brilliant! I always reckon the makers of cbeebies programmes must have many a chuckle to themselves as they consider all the innuendo – planned and unplanned – which makes it into their programmes. Love the phrases you’ve picked!

  5. Can I just suggest (and this is a bit old school cbeebies) – “clear a space, put a smile on your face”……

  6. Hmmm… The black and white really doesn’t allow us to bask in Andy’s excessive fake tan! (Don’t even BEGIN to tell me that’s his natural skin colour.)

  7. Archie…….please! Archie the Inventor!!
    Been in love for over 10 years x

    (From a Justin Fletcher and Andy Day fan)

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