New Year, New Ewe


Not sure why I decided upon that title for this blog post. Oh well…

2013 went pretty goshdarn quickly, didn’t it, and now it’s time to draw up some New Year’s Resolutions for next year.

I’d love to tell you that I achieved all my objectives for 2013, but to be honest with you I lost the little bit of paper I scrawled them on, so I can neither confirm nor deny. However, this past year has been a very good one for me, especially from a writing point of view: my latest book, ‘How I Came To Hold You’, was published in April after two years in the making and is currently enjoying great Amazon reviews (as well as having raised over ¬£1,000 for the charity Sands).¬†This book directly led to me being invited to Downing Street in November, which was an amazing experience. Between those two dates I won a MADS Blog Award for this little corner of the Internet right here (thank you again for that, by the way).


You lil’ ripper.

So what about 2014? I’m going to try not to spread myself too thinly, as it’d be like spinning loads of plates at once (something I actually did for a school play once, but that’s another story). For the purposes of this blog post I’m only going to mention the writing-related resolutions to save you from the boredom of other things in my life I need to improve upon. For example, I’m always biting my nails. Always. It’s really hard to stop.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have picked up that I recently finished another book. It’s different to anything I’ve done before, and it needs a little bit of work to buff away any rough edges, but it’s something I’m pretty proud of and quite excited about, and so one New Year’s Resolution is to get it published. I’ll send it out to literary agents to see what they think, and – once the inevitable rejection letters get to the height of my calves – I’ll probably give in and explore other avenues, such as self-publishing. The dream still remains to have an agent, if nothing other than I might get the chance to take a phone call whilst with a group of friends and smugly say, ‘I’ve got to take this; it’s my agent.” We shall see.

In fact, in general I’m just going to hit this whole writing thing as hard as I can. Whilst I’ve managed to get some articles and features in national publications this year, I can’t help but wonder how much better I could have done if I’d really put my mind to it. (I embrace procrastination, you see, and also Netflix.) So this year I’m going to start pitching harder than a Major League baseball player, and see where it takes me.

Finally, earlier this year I spoke at the Tots100 Blog Summit in Manchester, which was really enjoyable and something I’d like to do more of, so if anyone from BritMums or another parenting organisation is watching, give me a shout.

So that’s it, really, from a writing point of view. This time next year I could be a fully-fledged author with an agent and everything, or I could be that guy who works in an office whose fingernails are so long they tap on his keyboard like a dog running across a tiled floor. Either way, I’m pretty excited about what 2014 has in store, despite the fact that I’m ending this sentence with a rather deadpan full stop. And this one: a very happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for your continued support.

Taken from a @mumpreneursclub tweet...

Taken from a @mumpreneursclub tweet…

One response to “New Year, New Ewe

  1. Hope you have a great 2014 and good luck with all your projects. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog in 2013 and look forward to following it in 2014!

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