Being Funky

The start of the year was all Carpe Diem, good things come to those who earn it, skin-bristling motivation and endless pitch-sending. It was my New Years Resolution to write more, to get more articles in national publications. And so I sent my latest novella manuscript to various agents, pitched to numerous editors, and every day I’d get an email with a  new opportunity. The day was being seized so hard that its eyes bulged and all it emitted was tiny wheezing sounds.

January was a good month. February, however, is like a wasteland. A wide, open desert where not even a tumbleweed can bounce lightly across the sand, such is the drought in my imagination and creativity. It’s just split horizontally between endless sand and blue sky.

I have writer’s block, I think – or, as I like to call it: a writing funk.

I open emails and wait, my fingertips hovering above the keys, willing something amazing to be written where I wow an editor with an unstoppable pitch which would be so incredible that they forget to eat for the rest of the day. I open Word to write an article or column and see nothing but a vast desolate expanse of white and a cursor which blinks mockingly at me. I try and think of pitches, of article ideas, but my brain is so full of thick useless fog that I can’t even form words in my mind.

The juices which flowed through me at the start of the year have dried up and turned to dust. I need inspiration. Inspire me, people!


2 responses to “Being Funky

  1. It will pass no doubt. With regards to inspiring you why dont you go back and read your first 10 blog posts to see how far youve come and for some inspiration :-)

  2. It’s my little boys birthday next week so on that theme I’m sure it’s interesting in your house tackling jealousy of one child getting all the attention/presents and also dealing with the birthday parties?

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