Rock On

When you sit in a rocking chair, and you rock back and forth gently, it feels instantly soothing because subconsciously it reminds you of how you felt when you were rocked as a baby. And you were rocked as a baby because it simulated how you felt whilst in your mothers womb, and your mum or dad wanted to replicate that because inside the womb was when you felt secure, peaceful, protected, and they wanted you to feel the same so you’d go to sleep.

So, next time you’re rocking in a chair, spare a moment to realise that the calmness you’re feeling is exactly how you felt however many years ago, whilst just a foetus curled up in your mother’s womb. It’s a feeling which you’ve kept inside subconsciously your entire life, and it only surfaces when you rock.

Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

5 responses to “Rock On

  1. It is cool but do you know why “shhhhh” is the sound for quiet? It’s what you say to babies, as you’re rocking them to calm them down. It’s meant to be the sound a baby hears in the womb of the blood rushing through Mummies veins.

    At least that’s what my sister told me and she’s a Doc so I trust her! There’s also something incredibly comforting, even as an adult of having your ear pressed to someone else’s chest, hearing their heartbeat.

    I love rocking chairs btw. I have two older sisters, I’m guessing my Mum didn’t get to sit still much so I was rocked a lot in the womb!

  2. Lovely thought, that’s why I carried my little people in a sling for their first year. Constant motion was the only thing that calmed them. I barely sat down for 3 years. Soooo should have got myself a rocking chair now I’ve thought about it. Duh!

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