Morning Chaos

This morning was one of those mornings when being a parent seemed ridiculously stressful.

My wife had gone into hospital with a kidney infection, and so I was left to look after my three kids, who incidentally had chosen this particular day to be little gits. By breakfast time – which was a case of throwing a bowl of dry Shreddies at them and hoping some went in their mouths – I was longing for the day when I could just walk through a room, from one side to the other, without having to wade through a sea of children, sidestep toys or start crying.

Crying also featured heavily this morning. In fact, whilst I was trying to get dressed with Jemima clinging on to my calves, Noah burst into the room with his eyes drippy and his cheeks blotchy, wailing that Isaac was being mean to him. When Noah held my waist Jemima had a fit of jealousy and threw herself onto the floor amidst my dirty socks and jogging bottoms. Two-thirds of my children were crying loudly, and I was barely dressed.

photo (4)

Isaac – the only dry-eyed child in the house – then ran into the room, threw a piece of paper at me, and ran out, slamming his bedroom door behind him. The note was hastily scrawled, but summed up pretty much exactly how I felt.


4 responses to “Morning Chaos

  1. I’m with Isaac. Can I recommend muppets treasure island? Ive now Had a least 15 mins of quiet (aside from the singing muppets). Hope wife recovers soon.

  2. I can entirely sympathise. My Isaac (who, conincidentally is also the oldest of three in our house) has the same habit of scrawling a note, passing it to us in silence and then flouncing off in a strop. (Standard message: “I want to go ans live in another country.”) Sigh. Hope things got better for you!

  3. That definitely sounds like a rough morning. Did you at least get to pour some caffeine into yourself before the chaos started? I agree with Isaac; there are some days that I just want to shut myself in my room too. ;)

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