10 Anime Characters Who Would Make The Best Lawyers

In the world of Japanese anime, the characters hold a wide variety of jobs, many of which are perfectly ordinary jobs or inspired by real-life professions, from postman jobs to farmers or computer programmers. What’s even more interesting is that some anime characters are clearly better suited for other higher-paying jobs.

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Some anime characters would struggle with office jobs or paperwork-focused tasks, but others would absolutely thrive, like being a lawyer or lawyers. Such careers require a keen eye for detail, an intelligent problem-solving mind, excellent conversational skills, and the ability to think on the fly while juggling all kinds of information. Many anime characters should quit their current job and immediately start working in a law firm.

ten Sir Nighteye loves office work (My Hero Academia)

Professional heroes like All Might are the ones who face criminals head-on and save lives, but these heroes wouldn’t get very far without a quick-witted sidekick to back them up in the office. For years, All Might relied heavily on the salaryman-like sidekick Sir Nighteye to handle the logistics of the pro-hero job.

If Sir Nighteye wanted to change careers, he could make it as a corporate lawyer or even a criminal prosecutor if he wanted to. He has the quick wit and paperwork skills needed for the job, and his vision for the future Quirk would be a huge bonus in any legal matter.

9 Erina Nakiri can argue any case (Food Wars!)

With the tongue of God by her side, tsundere chef Erina Nakiri is at the top of the culinary world, but if she ever got tired of food, she could try another career path, like in law. She might even work in legal cases regarding restaurants, food/drug laws, or agriculture to still be related to food in some way.

Erina is a quick-witted, well-educated girl with a strong will, and these are key traits for any attorney or lawyer. Erina is also good at debating and questioning people, all so she can prove herself right and do whatever she wants. His tongue is as sharp with words as with flavors.

Wandering alchemist Van Hohenheim already looks like a legal expert with his glasses, gentleman’s attire, and suitcase, though he’s actually more interested in alchemy and arcane symbology. But if he saw fit, he would kiss a carer in law.

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Hohenheim is very wise and well educated, and he is an expert at seeing complex patterns and theories in his mind. This, combined with his debating skills and charisma, would make him a very effective lawyer in any Central law firm.

seven Light Yagami lacks nothing (Death Note)

In the original story of Death threat, the brilliant Light Yagami followed in his father’s footsteps and became a detective for the NPA, but it didn’t have to be. If Light had never become Kira or been less interested in police work, he could have made a good lawyer, just like Teru Mikami.

Light has a computer-like mind that can easily absorb, process, and apply large amounts of information, and he is also adept at finding solutions in seemingly hopeless situations. Combine that with his strong charisma and debating skills, and he would graduate from law school at the top of his class.

6 Shinya Yukimura eats and breathes data (science fell in love)

Shinya Yukimura, the cool graduate student from Kuudere, is mostly interested in hard sciences, just like his gorgeous love, Ayame Himuro. However, if that didn’t work out, Shinya could pursue a career in law, possibly tied to renowned labs and research facilities.

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Shinya has an ISTJ personality type, making him the perfect man to meticulously study, analyze, and apply large amounts of hard data and craft practical solutions to any problem. He’s not the most charismatic guy, but he can make up for it with airtight arguments and compelling data in any court case.

5 Sousuke Aizen has charisma and a calculating mind (Bleach)

Ex-captain Sosuke Aizen certainly needed a good criminal defense attorney when he was finally captured and brought to justice with the new Central 46. But if Aizen never plotted to claim the empty throne of heaven, he could have settled in Rukongai district. as a white collar.

As an INTJ type, Sousuke Aizen has a brilliant mind that knows how to interpret, invent, and apply all kinds of theories and ideas. If he can find the right laws and data to back it all up, along with his strong charisma, he would smoothly and easily win any lawsuit for his clients.

4 Loid Forger can sniff data easily (Spy X Family)

In the original version Spy x Family, the Westalis agent known as Twilight took the name Loid Forger to create a fake family in Berlint for his mission. He’s a well-trained spy who can think quickly while stealing vital documents or capturing evidence, but he could also use his talents in other ways.

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Loid is also an INTJ, able to think up complex plans and theories before putting them into practice. He would have no trouble digging up and using any sort of sensitive information about Berlint’s government or big business in court cases to further Westalis’ interests.

3 Miyuki Shirogane can study anything (Kaguya-Sama)

Miyuki Shirogane is still a high school student, and in the Kaguya Sama anime, he hasn’t chosen a career path yet. And even though he doesn’t come from money like his love interest Kaguya Shinomiya, Miyuki is disciplined, driven, detail-oriented, and good at debating.

This all spells “lawyer”, and Miyuki would excel at such a career. He could try criminal protection, but he could also become a business lawyer to protect small businesses. He would definitely identify with hard-working small business owners who don’t have a lot of money to spend.

2 Asami Sato is a business expert (The Legend of Korra)

Like Shinya and Loid Forger, Asami Sato has a different career than law, but with her creative mind, eye for detail and warm charisma, she would be very successful as a lawyer if her father had encouraged her to study law instead.

In Republic City, Asami Sato could easily find work at a small law firm and become the firm’s top employee in no time. If Korra gets in trouble for destroying property in bender battles, Asami will happily defend her in court.

1 Shikamaru Nara can see through any problem (Naruto)

Genius strategist Shikamaru Nara is said to excel in a wide variety of jobs that call for creative thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, and teamwork. If he retired from the ninja lifestyle, he could study law in the peaceful new era of Hidden Leaf Village and get down to business.

Shikamaru can unravel the patterns of any problem or situation, then devise dozens of interconnected strategies and solutions to get what he wants. If he became Hokage Naruto’s personal attorney, the two would be unstoppable on the world stage.

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