10 Things To Know About ‘Is It Cake’ Host Mikey Day

Many of Netflix’s most successful original shows are reality competition series, a precedent that allowed the new baking show Is it cake? to garner extraordinary audiences and claim an important part of the cultural conversation. Although host Mikey Day has a significant background in show business – having served as Saturday Night Live actor since 2016 – the Netflix show has raised his profile to the point that audiences now recognize him for who he is rather than the characters he plays.

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As the general public gets to grips with Out of Character Day, many will be interested in learning more about the comedic actor-turned-host.


He was a writer on SNL Before joining the cast

Various photos of casts from SNL history

When Day joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2016, he had already been involved with the show as a writer for three years. According to Vulturethe writers had successfully transitioned from the institution of comedy’s writing staff to its cast many times before Day’s promotion – a career path similar to SNL writers who rose to fame after leaving the show – with notable examples of writers-turned-performers including Tina Fey, Jason Sudeikis, and Colin Jost.

Day’s diverse skills as an artist likely inspired Netflix officials to select him for the Is it cake? position and their expectation of his ability has certainly been validated.

He starred in the video “David Blaine Street Magic”

Mikey Day and Maya Rudolph in Beyoncé's Hot Ones episode on SNL

During the early years of the internet, Day achieved a lower level of fame co-starring in the relatively popular YouTube video “David Blaine Street Magic”. Reddit user nitsujrendrag recalled watching the video during its initial popularity, saying, “It was one of the first skits I saw early on YouTube where I thought, ‘ These guys should be on SNL.'”

Day was one of the few Internet comedians to manage to translate their marginal success into mainstream popularity – a popularity he expanded with Is it cake?

He co-wrote a new feature film

Home Sweet Home Alone little boy points fake gun at intruders

After several years of success in front of the camera, Day resumed his writing career by co-writing the screenplay for the new film. Home Sweet Home alone with his Saturday Night Live writing partner, Streeter Seidell.

The film is a reboot of the 1990 classic Alone at home and despite its mixed reception from critics and audiences, Home Sweet Home alone is not as bad as people think. By expanding his involvement in television and simultaneously venturing into film, Day cemented a career that few comedians can ever hope to achieve.

He’s a fan prince

Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day as John Krasinski's creepy twins on SNL

In an interview with University of Pittsburgh students, Day listed the late musical mastermind Prince as one of his favorite acts to play on Saturday Night Live During his tenure. He says, “I was there when Prince was there, and I was looking at him like, ‘Oh my god, that’s really Prince!'”

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Like SNL integrates music and comedy with equal respect, its actors’ interest in musical performances helped to hold the show together. Day isn’t known for revealing many details about his personal life, but his admiration for Prince humanizes him in the eyes of those who follow his work.

They had SNL Co-star Leslie Jones as a child

Like many artists, Day and his former Saturday Night Live co-star grew up in Southern California. While the area is populated enough that most of these individuals never crossed paths during childhood, Day and Jones learned that they knew each other vaguely decades before working together.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Jones as saying, “He told me when he was little he used to go to this restaurant in Orange County called Spoons. And he remembered this lady who served him. Dude – I was the f****** the miss!”

He had an awkward encounter with Stephen Spielberg

Steven Spielberg sitting between the feet of a T-Rex in a promotional image for Jurassic Park

SNL the cast members encounter a surplus of cultural icons through their involvement with the series, but Day’s meeting with iconic director Stephen Spielberg was notable for its discomfort. According to Yahoo! SportsDay recounted their conversation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonsaying the filmmaker noticed the Jurassic Park shirt he was wearing for an upcoming skit and joked, “I know that.”

Unable to think of a more interesting response, Day simply replied, “Yeah, the skit doesn’t take place in the park itself. It takes place on the ride.” He would ideally have been more courteous to the director of a timeless great film like jurassic park.

It came with the weekend update Recurring sketch on Don and Eric Trump

Colin Jost and Michael Che Host Weekend Update on SNL

One of Day’s most popular and recognizable SNL routines is the one in which he plays Don Trump Jr. as the former president’s son reigns over his comedic, childish brother, Eric (played by Alex Moffat).

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A Deadline The article quotes Day as saying, “Remember that photo that came out with Trump’s kids and they were sort of in a stacked triangle? Kinda creepy looking at the camera? I remember seeing that and I went to see Alex [Moffat] and was like, ‘We should try to write maybe a weekend update feature where we’re the Trump brothers.'”

He was a cast member of Wild ‘N Out

One of Day’s most notable performances before Saturday Night Live was it as a cast member of the MTV series hosted by Nick Cannon Wild ‘N Out during the first six seasons of the program. According to Wild ‘N OutDay’s performance experience before joining the cast included the Improv Olympics in Hollywood and the WB series Angel.

At the time of Day’s hiring, Taran Kilam (notable for his impersonation of Ted Cruz and original character Jebidiah Atkinson) was the only Wild ‘N Out alum who had been dumped by SNL.

He has written for several comedy series

Day has applied his exceptional writing ability to several comedy programs outside of SNL. All US Speaker Lists The Subway, Amazing crew, Robot Chickenand Maya and Marty as a series to which he contributed as a writer.

Those who can write and act with equal ease are rare and valuable figures in show business, and Day’s diverse resume makes him a member of that elite club of creatives. After a long period of writing, he’s probably relishing the opportunity to star in this highly anticipated reality show. Is it cake? provided him.

He has (many) older sisters

Mikey Day in Is It Cake

In an interview with Yahoo!, Day mentioned that his only siblings are sisters who are so much older than him that they left home by the time he started first grade. As a result, he “sort of grew up like an only child” and then learned to entertain himself.

He mentioned playing with action figures frequently enough to become an expert at producing his own sound effects when playing with the toys. Day has occasionally used this skill during performances on Saturday Night Live.

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