$1,000 budget: First-time director has high hopes for local film

LAKE STEVENS – Little actress Rose Kreider loves gore. In an independent film gig last month, she took a bullet. (The blood was computer generated.)

Now, as she makes her first-ever movie in and around Snohomish County, she’s keeping things G-rated.

Kreider, 25, scratched the only swear word from his script in a bid to get it on Amazon Prime.

“Especially if it’s an independent film, I don’t want them to have any qualms about saying yes or no,” she told the Daily Herald.

About fifteen people help him produce “The Woman”. All the actors donated their time in exchange for IMDB credit. She rents the Edmonds Theater for the premiere on March 13.

His mystery drama features scenes shot at Norm’s Market in Lake Stevens and the Flat Iron Gallery in Sultan. The showbiz debutante hopes this will boost her film career.

It is an ambitious goal. The film has a budget of $1,000. And she only has one month set aside for editing.

“I also plan to pitch it to Netflix,” Kreider said. “It’s really a first film. But you won’t be able to tell.

The main character Noah is a University of Washington student aptly played by Aleksey Weyman, a former UW student. Noah’s life is turned upside down when he discovers he was kidnapped as a child.

Weyman relates to his character. University was also a “moment of discovery” for him.

“Some people make more extreme discoveries than others,” he said.

Directing is a major departure from Kreider’s career path. One of her first jobs was playing for a semi-professional Canadian lacrosse team.

“I don’t even know what our real name was,” Kreider said. (It was the “Lady Shamrocks”.)

Kreider then took up modeling, working for liquor brands and serving shots on Seattle bar crawls during Seahawks season. She dabbled in modeling, walking New York Fashion Week for a Florida-based online boutique.

This year, Kreider met Weyman on the set of the indie drama “Year of the Fox,” directed by Megan Griffiths. They were both extras. In the background of a shot, Kreider said she grabbed Weyman’s hand, making him a “fake boyfriend.”

“We clicked pretty much right away, just because we were paying attention to the scene,” Weyman said. “That’s what I noticed about Rose. She thinks about the complete visual experience of the scene.

The actor has roots in Mukilteo and a background in musical theater.

“I would say ‘The Woman’ is kind of a dive into what it means to be undone by self-unawareness,” he said.

Weyman was particularly excited about filming inside Norm’s in Lake Stevens. The bottle shop is well known not only for its huge selection of beers, but also for owner Shane McDaniel, the “woodcutter dad” who starred on Steve Harvey’s TV show, appeared in People magazine and was the subject of articles in this newspaper after fighting off a burglar.

“It was a show in there. Everywhere you look there is just a fantastical element. There are lights, there is a train. I was definitely on my Instagram posting about my story,” Weyman said. “There are a lot of iconic places we filmed in that people will recognize. It’s always a nice touch to represent a local community.

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