4-Year-Old Entrepreneur Gives Back to NICUs, Premature Babies Use Lemonade

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — While most 4-year-olds are learning their ABCs, a 4-year-old boy in Indian Land is already an entrepreneur and using his business to change lives.

He sells lemonade in reusable and recyclable bottles. However, what makes this lemonade truly special – a portion of all proceeds are donated to NICU facilities around the world.

“I like to make lemonade,” says Jhase Smith, the CEO of Jhase’s Lemonade.

Ask Smith why he loves owning his own business and his answer will be pretty simple.

“Because it’s cool. And fun,” says Jhase.

But the reason behind the company is anything but simple.

“I love helping babies,” says Jhase,

These babies he talks about are preemies – babies born much earlier than their due date. Jhase was one of them.

“He weighed one pound, nine ounces and I was 24 weeks old. So yeah, it was extremely scary,” says his mother Nezjma Smith.

Smith says every day was a fight for survival. Smith was told that Jhase had to survive 24 hours and he had a better chance of making it. He remained in hospital for 91 days before being released.

While there all those days, they heard about the death of four premature babies. Smith realized how lucky she was.

“The toughest situation I’ve ever been in,” Smith says.

All the while, Smith’s parking lot, hospital stays, and other things were taken care of, so his only concern was baby Jhase. Now she wants to do the same.

“It was amazing,” she explains. “We just want to help someone else through support, resources.”

So every brew, pour, and bottle is made with love and the hope of giving back.

“We are trying to radically change lives. The most tragic lives to be exact,” she says.

They have handed over thousands of dollars so far. Sometimes with very large checks. They always give away 20% of all the sales they make in a month.

People in the community and across the county send NICUs that they think deserve a donation.

Smith says they line up these requests and eliminate one each month. Smith says they love collecting photos of resources that NICUs across the country have obtained with the money.

“We are able to turn the most tragic part of our life into something that is a miracle for someone else,” she says.

So instead of life giving you lemons to make lemonade, just call on Jhase for some, but don’t ask him what flavor to take.

“Peach, blueberry, strawberry and uh all of them,” Jhase says.

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