5 successful young entrepreneurs who have successful businesses

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5 successful young entrepreneurs who have successful businesses

Mikaila Ulmer, founder of Me & the Bees Lemonade, speaks at an event

The roles of children, both in families and in American society, have changed over time. In the past, when families needed extra hands for farming or other chores around the house, children would often join in, sometimes being pulled out of school to help out. As the United States industrialized and more parents began to work away from home, raising children was a priority and work responsibilities were deferred until adulthood. .

Fast forward to today, and some kids are starting to learn the job early – as entrepreneurs. According to a July 2022 report from Psychology Today, successful young entrepreneurs share common characteristics; they tend to be independent and great at solving problems while bringing new, creative ideas to the table.

Some adults worry that starting a business takes away the childhood experience. Others believe that a child’s creativity should be encouraged and developed. For children with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, their passion is likely to drive them towards their goals, regardless of outside support.

GoHenry compiled this list of young entrepreneurs based on media coverage and internet research. Read on to learn about five kids who turned their innovative ideas into successful reality.

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Mikaila Ulmer: Me and the Lemonade Bees

Mikaila Ulmer speaks on stage during WE Day at KeyArena

After overcoming her fear of bees by learning how they help the ecosystem, young Mikaila Ulmer wanted to do more. Using her grandmother Helen’s recipe plus a special new ingredient – honey –Lemonade Me and the Bees was born. Over the past 10 years, the company has grown from a simple lemonade stand outside Ulmer’s home to five different flavors sold in grocery stores across Texas. Now a high school student, Ulmer is a social entrepreneur in his own right. A percentage of his company’s profits are donated to organizations working to save bees. She is also a lecturer and in 2020 published her first book, “Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Child.”

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Lily Born: Imagiroo

Blue polypropylene cups on conveyor belt

Like many young entrepreneurs, Lily born was inspired to find a solution to a problem that affected her personally. She noticed that her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s disease, frequently spilled his cup. At age 7, Born created a solution: a unique three-legged cup that was impossible to knock over. The Kangaroo Cup is now sold worldwide and Born has received wide recognition for his invention, including being recognized by CNN Heroes as a young wonder in 2014.

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Moziah Bridges: the arches of Mo

Moziah Bridges attends TigerBeat and Instagram’s 3rd Annual 19Under19 Celebration

In 2011, Moziah Bridges launched Mo’s bows at his grandmother’s kitchen table in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was just 9 years old. Unable to find the fashion accessories he wanted, Bridges began making them himself, starting with bow ties. More than a decade later, the company has grown to include other accessories like ties and hats. In 2017, Bridges landed a one-year licensing deal to bow ties for nba. In 2019, he decided to share his knowledge with other young entrepreneurs by writing his first book, “Mo’s Bows: A Youth’s Guide to Startup Success.”

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Rachel Zietz: Gladiator’s Lacrosse

Rachel Zietz on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

In 2012, when 13-year-old Rachel Zietz became frustrated with the lacrosse products on the market, she decided to create something better. She found that existing products didn’t hold up well outdoors, were too expensive, or didn’t have a wide enough selection. She therefore created a new company: Gladiator Stock. Zietz’s mission is to manufacture high quality, affordable and durable lacrosse equipment. His company offers a wide range of products including goals, balls, targets, rebounders and apparel. In 2019, Gladiator Lacrosse acquired All Ball Proa company distributing college and professional level lacrosse programs nationwide.

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Alina Morse: Candy Zolli

Zollipops CEO Alina Morse poses for a portrait with Zollipops

Seven-year-old Alina Morse knew that sweet candy wasn’t good for her teeth, but what kid doesn’t love candy? So Morse came up with the idea to create delicious treats that are also good for you. Zollipops was launched in 2014, and the Candy Zolli The brand has since grown to include Zolli Drops, Zaffi Taffy and Zolli Caramelz. These products are not only sugar-free, but they are also vegan, kosher and gluten-free. In 2022, Zolli Candy extended to Costco Wholesale stores throughout the Southwestern United States. The company is also committed to educating children and reducing tooth decay through its Million Smiles Initiative.

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