6 career options to explore if you’re considering joining the automotive industry

Are you considering trying a new career path? The automotive industry could be a perfect fit for you! The automotive industry is not just about selling cars or building them; there are dozens of career paths to follow and more benefits than you can imagine.

The automotive industry has been booming since the invention of the first vehicle in late 1800s. Industries with a long history have the best job security. As soon as you learn valuable information about the automotive industry, the knowledge can take you anywhere.

1. Car salesman

Sales jobs are everywhere. If you have experience as a customer sales representative, being a car salesman is a great career choice for you. Most car salespeople earn an hourly wage and commission. A commission is usually a percentage of the total price of the vehicle and any additional warranties and programs.

Like a car salesman, you have many tasks. The purpose of being a car seller is to sell vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles. A car salesperson listens carefully to their customers’ needs and finds a vehicle within their price range, if available. This job requires many relationship and customer service skills such as friendliness and professionalism.

2. Automotive Technician

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive technicians work on vehicles specifically to repair them. In the same data, we can see that there were approximately 703,800 automotive technician jobs in 2020. This is an in-demand job with frequent movement and salary increases.

The job of an automotive technician is to diagnose vehicle problems and fix them quickly. The median salary for automotive technicians, also known as mechanics, is $46,880 per year, or just over $22 per hour. You don’t need a degree or graduate school, but automotive and mechanical certification is required.

3. Services Writer

Typically, the first person you see and greet at a dealership is a service writer. These are the employees who focus on the communication between mechanics, managers and the user of the car with the problem. Not many people know what a service writer is, but it is one of the most important positions in a car dealership or repair center.

The task of this service is to welcome customers at the beginning and end. Another essential duty is to keep track of documents and calculate estimates accurately and quickly for each client.

4. Vehicle Inspector

If you don’t want to go to school to repair vehicles and don’t want to be in the public eye in a customer service-oriented position, you can also be a vehicle inspector. Vehicle inspectors are people who only inspect a vehicle to make sure it meets all industry standards and is safe. Someone has to keep checking if the vehicles are safe, so why not you?

The salary is average, but there is room to grow. Many automakers offer additional employment opportunities and career advancement options.

5. Automotive Electrician

The great thing about automotive electrician jobs is that they are in demand and there are constant openings. You won’t have to sit and wait for a job offer to come along. According In effectan automotive electrician “specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical wiring and systems in buses, cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.”

These people work hard to diagnose electrical problems, repair wiring, and solder to make repairs. Just finishing high school isn’t enough to qualify for an automotive electrician job, but it’s a good start. After high school, consider enrolling in a program or apprenticeship to learn more about the field.

6. Vehicle Retailer

Vehicle detail is a fun job, especially for those who like to be creative and can design unique pieces. A vehicle detailer is a hands-on job, but these workers also work directly with customers. Usually one person orders a job and the vehicle designer will complete it within a given time frame.

Vehicle detailers also actively clean vehicles inside and out, including small details like seat fabric. Job prospects are favorable and you can also go into business.

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