A businessman cried because he had to fire employees and they stoned him on the network

The ace social network They could well be part of a world of the unexpected. A person downloads a post and it can easily go viral, generating multiple reactions from users, not always expected.

It happened Braden Walleck, CEO of HyperSocial, a company dedicated to social media marketing. It was yesterday afternoon that he posted a photo on LinkedIn in which we see him crying, accompanied by a text in which he tells his followers that he had to fire some employees of his company because of his mistake.

“This would be the dumbest thing I would share: We had to lay off some of our employees“He started his post after expressing doubts whether it should be published or not.

And he continued, “I’ve seen a lot of layoffs on LinkedIn over the past few weeks and most of them are due to the economy or some other reason. Our? My mistake”He recognized in an unusual phrase for the owners or those in charge of running the business.

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Without giving too many details, he said: “I made a decision in February and I stuck to it for a very long time. And because of those failures, I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done. and expanded: “We have always been a company that puts people first. And we always will be.

Valeke’s message didn’t stop there. “I wish I had a business like today that only runs on money. And he wouldn’t care who I hurt along the way. But I’m not, so I want people to see that not all CEOs are cold-hearted and care about firing people.

It didn’t take long for these paragraphs to catch the attention of users of the social network. go viral, Many of them were angry and critical This is how he chose to expose the situation, an episode generally more common on other networks like Twitter and less on LinkedIn, which is dedicated to professional development.

reply to message

The most relevant comments that have reached the eyes of the author among more than 30,000 responses He criticized the fact that he was talking about himself rather than the workers he had laid off.

Excerpt from a post by Walleck, the owner of a company that is laying off employees.

For example, one of them reprimanded her: “You could have used it wonderfully to promote all your employees instead of yourself SameMeanwhile, one of them added “yo, yo, yo, yo”.

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,This fake self-pity, self-meditation, self-meditation, self-waste The clutter on LinkedIn needs to stop,” another user continued in the same comment thread.

Another user asked, “Did you cry the whole time you wrote the script? I’m so curious.” “Just out of curiosity, Braden, Did you take a pay cut?“another pair.

The reactions multiplied in a short time. Valeck didn’t stop there and decided to take over by talking about a worker he had to shoot down. It’s Noah Schmidt, who from what he said”Looking for various positionsHe is delighted to see the opportunities available to you!

what he said about a fired

The advertising firm’s CEO said, “Noah has a wonderful wife and two wonderful daughters.He’s a Midwestern dad who enjoys spending weekends at his next housing project” as well as “performing in several local plays in his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.”

He then recounted how his time with the company had been. “For Hypersocial, Noah started in sales, moved into customer success in an account management role, then into customer onboarding,” he said.

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He also assured that “He is a wonderful person and brings energy to every call he receives.On the professional abilities of his former employee, he defined that “he is more than creative” and “he has made some of the best training videos for hypersocial that we have”.

“He is good at teaching people new things and is always ready to help others. Noé Goes above and beyond for its customersHis teammates and those who can,” he said.

finishing shared your LinkedIn account For potential employers to consider. Meanwhile, with every passing minute, new people are joining in commenting on his striking posts.

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