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Nagpur: Mohd Sohel Akhtar (28), a solar panel and scrap metal merchant from Raipur to Chhattishgarh, with a monthly turnover of over Rs 2.5 lakh according to his tax returns, turned to the Interstate drug trafficking to fund his addiction to Mephedrone Drugs (MD). He was found in possession of MD drugs worth over Rs 7.17 lakh in Nagpur on Monday.
Sohel, whose wedding was scheduled for November this year, along with his sister’s, was surprised at a lodge in Cotton Market with his accomplice, Nitin Karingwar, just as he was considering leaving the scene. Three cell phones were also seized from the duo.
City police officials pointed out that this was the first time that a shipment of MD drugs from Raipur had arrived in the city as is known. Previously, the seized MD drugs had been brought into town from Mumbai.
City Police Chief Amitesh Kumar said there had been a random sweep across the city at pubs, beer bars, permit rooms and parties also to check for narcotics or drugs. contraband substance, but the shipment was seized as a result of a seizure.
“We now intend to go deep into the roots of this racketeering to unearth their networks and supply chains,” said the CP who had previously informed TOI of its intention to crack down on drugs, especially the MD. , ganja, and sedative pills like Alprazolam tablets sold from drugstores.
Under Kumar, MD drugs worth over Rs 50 lakh were seized this year until September after the arrest of 23 people.
In the last action, we learn that Sohel had already stayed in Nagpur and knew Karingwar in the past.
Police said Karingwar worked with event planners and sold balloons at parties. Its role as an MD provider for event planners cannot be ruled out, police said.
In the last raid, the anti-narcotics task force of the criminal branch of IP Sarin Durge, deputies to PI Suraj Suroshe, Priti Kulmethe, police chief Pradeep Pawar, Nitin Mishra and Rajesh Deshmukh broke into the city. room where Sohel and Karingwar were discussing their plans. .
Police obtained pre-trial detention for Sohel and Karingwar until October 8.

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