A businessman was robbed of Rs 2 crores by thieves disguised as cops; photographed

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New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a businessman was robbed in Paharganj three days ago. The suspects came dressed as cops and took the money after throwing cold powder at the victim. The whole incident was filmed by a CCTV camera present in the area.
According to Delhi Police, “We have arrested 3 people in connection with the Paharganj robbery case based on technical surveillance from Rajasthan. They are being interviewed to assert their role in the incident. Further investigation is underway to find other culprits and affect recovery”.

In a similar incident early last month, Jogeshwari police arrested three people for allegedly stealing gold worth Rs 22 lakh from a man. The victim had recently returned from Dubai, Midday reported.

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According to the police, the trio used a unique modus operandi to loot the victim. The three defendants posed as police officers and stopped the victim’s rickshaw, then told the victim to come to Jogeshwari police station for investigation. Under the guise of checking the vehicle, the trio stole the gold and fled on bicycles.

The victim, Ashfaq Zidda, on the day of the incident, was traveling to his Mira Road home in an autorickshaw. He was carrying gold ornaments worth Rs 22 lakh which belonged to his friend and he was supposed to deliver them to him at Mira Road, police said.

“It was raining heavily and as he reached Jogeshwari his autorickshaw was stopped by the accused, they posed as cops and checked his bag. They found the gold in his bag and took it said an investigator.

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The accused then asked him to follow their bike and accompany them to the police station for further investigation and suddenly escaped on the bike, police said. Zidda then approached Jogeshwari police station and recorded a more detailed FIR, mid-day report. The investigation team caught the accused from New Mumbai.

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