A Delhi-based businessman has been arrested for cheating the owner of a mobile shop in Bhopal for Rs 22 lakh

Habibganj Police have charged a Delhi-based fraudster with cheating a mobile phone and accessories seller out of Rs 22 lakh who was cheated on the pretext of giving away a low-priced iPhone.

The victim Ajay Ahuja is a businessman who had given money to the accused by taking out a loan.

The fraudster gave him the first 16 cheap iPhones to gain trust.

After that, took Rs 22 lakh rupees in advance from the victim. The fraud was revealed when the victim did not receive a cell phone. Habibganj Police are investigating after registering the case.

ASI Manoj Yadav said that Ajay Ahuja, who lives on Ayodhya Bypass, owns a cell phone and accessories store in 10 no. Habibganj market. In January, Ajay met Milan Singh Vanath, a resident of Mahipalpur, Delhi, through a friend.

Milan told him that he worked in the sale of cell phones. With that, the victim brought him around 16 iPhones at different times.

On January 20, Milan said that he got the franchise from the Apple company and now he can get the iPhone at a bargain price. Even after the financial condition deteriorated, Ajay somehow took out a loan and gave Rs 21.8 lakh 80 in parts to Milan Singh.

After getting the money, Milan Singh started evading with excuses and under pressure from Ajay, he returned Rs 40,000 but did not provide the iPhone.

The defendant lives in a rented house in Delhi and when the defendant refused to give money or telephone, Ajay got suspicious and reached Delhi where he found that Milan was living in a small rented room and n had no franchise from the Apple company.

Ajay returned to Bhopal and filed a cheating complaint against the accused Milan Singh at Habibganj police station.

The police investigation revealed that the accused was from Gujarat.

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