Abducted Ethiopian businessman’s family want police forced to release him dead or alive

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The family of an Ethiopian businessman who was kidnapped have filed a petition to compel the police to bring him to court.

Through lawyer Stanley Kang’ahi, Samson Gebreigzi Teklemichael’s family claim he was abducted by police in the middle of the road in broad daylight and believe he is in police custody who should release or charge him if he commits an offense. “We are asking for an order for habeas corpus to be produced dead or alive. In the alternative, we want the court to oblige the Inspector General to immediately release him from police custody and ensure that he is not removed from the jurisdiction of the court, ”Kang’ahi said.

Teklemichael has been missing for two weeks when he was allegedly stopped in the middle of the road by a man wearing traffic police uniforms, got out of his Bentley car and boarded another Subaru car as other motorists watched. recorded The incident.

The kidnappers reportedly left his car at the scene in Kileleshwa before his wife Milen Haleform Mezgebo was told to pick her up.

Mezgebo, in her affidavit in support of her husband’s request for release, swore the family lived in fear as a result of the incident and begged security agencies to release him. “Today, I fear more than ever and I fear that my husband’s life may be in danger. I have every reason to believe that his kidnapping was orchestrated by state agents who should be ordered to release him immediately, ”Mezgebo said.

She swore that on the fateful day she received a call from her husband around 5:30 p.m. stating that he had been dragged out of his car by strangers.

She rushed to Oloitoktok Road in Kileleshwa where she found the abandoned car and after investigation was informed by traffic police officers at the scene that her husband had been stopped by police officers and taken to a destination unknown.

“I was informed by passers-by who were still at the scene that the arrest had been made with the help of traffic personnel watching the road,” she said.

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