ACC questions businessman about hijacking government plot

Commission collected fraud cases from Rajuk and disabled people

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) questioned businessman Anwar Alam on charges of government embezzlement.

ACC Director Sheikh Mohammad Fanafilla and Deputy Director Subhas Dutta jointly conducted the interrogation at his Integrated District Office 1 on Sunday.

According to the commission, Anwar Alam registered several government plots of land at various important locations, including Gulshan and Dhanmondi in his own name through forgery with the help of officials of the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) and the Department of Public Works (PWD ).

The commission collected cases of fraud from Rajuk and disabled people while several people were questioned in this regard.

As part of the investigation, the commission took a statement from the chairman of the BNS group of companies, MNH Bulu, for purchasing 1.3 bighas and 6 decimal lands in the Gulshan 2 commercial area in Anwar Alam.

Previously, the ACC had received a number of allegations of corruption, including tax evasion and the construction of a building in the capital without the approval of municipal authorities, against the chairman of the BNS group.

According to allegations received by ACC, Bulu built the BNS center in Uttara Sector 7 of the city without Rajuk’s approval and defrauded around Tk 22 million of clients’ money by selling the properties.

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