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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Christian Bell is a 10-year-old with a knack for building things, and the project he signed up for is just one example of his interest in “do-it-yourself” projects and could very well lead to a future career.

A fourth grader, who attends the Gateway K-8 Environmental Learning Center in Homestead, is interested in all kinds of hands-on activities.

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The mechanical lock box of Sunday Morning Science Lab April winner Christian Bell. (CBS4)

The project he got into was a wooden safe.

He got the idea because he already had a safe to store valuables in.

The one he had was store bought, so he decided to try making his own.

He used a mail-order kit and assembled it at home.

“I made a mechanical safe. It’s a box with an open spiral – it has three locks and a special key, and when you turn it, the door spirals open,” Christian said.

These are detailed projects with many parts, which require a lot of patience.

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He is also patient and productive.

“I love doing art, music, science, I love engineering and building,” Christian said.

Sunday Morning Science Lab April Winner Christian Bell (CBS4)

He built a second working safe this one with a digital code to open.

“It’s the same thing but it’s much smaller. There is another type of lock, like a hook lock, so you have to twist and turn it to match the correct numbers to get the correct code.

Christian also enjoys computer games like Minecraft.

Everything that is STEM attracts him. Although he’s very young to decide now, if you ask him, it sounds like these hobbies could become a career path.

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“When I grow up, I would like to be an engineer.”

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