Ardip Agency partners with entrepreneur Aryan Jhaveri to inspire the nation by launching impactful campaigns on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

New Delhi [India], Feb. 7 (ANI/ATK): With the aim of serving humanity and lifting people out of poverty, Ardip Agency and Aryan Jhaveri have come together to support those in need. Through their collaboration, they have done philanthropic and encouraging work by supporting underprivileged girls with sweaters and sanitary napkins and also donating for religious and educational causes.

The Ardip agency deals with the import of textile dyes, textile auxiliaries and also the trade of various electrical equipment. Today the company has become the largest importer of indigo blue dye from India. Speaking about the initiative, Aryan says: Since the beginning, our family has been involved in various social activities. We have been taught since birth that aside from your financial/business career, doing something good for society is equally important and everyone should contribute to the cause. My great-grandfather created a boarding school where children from the villages who come to study in our town can be accommodated. My grandfather took over responsibility for the same extended boarding school activities to provide financial assistance to elderly couples and widows and also medical aid… With the grace of God, donations continued to flow into our Trust and now my father has taken over the good work for the company. He further expanded this to scholarships as well as financial aid and medical aid to uplift those in need in society. We are proud that hundreds of doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and business people have stayed and studied at our institution over the past 70 years.”

With a dexterous mind and skills and a vision to leave a mark in society, he constantly works on Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing and Goal 13: Climate Actions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 India. And, partners with more people to create a buzz with his work all over the world. A young brigade like Aryan Jhaveri is an example for the next generation and his contribution to humanity on such a scale with their company is highly commendable. This story is provided by ATK. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/ATQ)

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