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CALGARY, Alta., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Calgary-based entrepreneur, Arti Modiwas nominated for the KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award.

“Thank you to KPMG and the Canadian National Business Awards. Fintech is a personal passion of mine and I accept the nomination with gratitude and appreciation,” said Arti.

Arti has been involved in a multitude of aspects of the marketing and technology world over the past few years and has thrived in digital marketing for the FinTech space within auto, debt and lending staff for multiple online platforms. His efforts lead directly to over 50,000 people applying for a loan each month through various North American web platforms, leads, who in turn end up with a lender or financier to ensure the applicant gets the service. he was looking for.

In today’s economy, digital customer acquisition is crucial for businesses, lenders, and funders to gain lead flow. To move the economy forward, the country needs more people like Arti. Arti primarily focuses on how the consumer will click on the actual ad or web funnel they see online, and how that customer journey translates into a solid lead and eventual sale for the business. This type of approach is real science, with data analysis, consumer behavior, customer retention, user experience, and user interface metrics as a big part of the process. It is by no means easy, and the skills that Arti reflects are rare and in high demand in the Fintech & Digital optimization industry.

On Arti Modi

Born in London, United KingdomArti Moved to Canada in 1998 and attended the University of British Columbia. After graduating from UBC, Arti started his own real estate company in alberta. Building on this experience and past successes, Arti has moved into a variety of other industries, successfully leveraging its experience in food manufacturing, asset management, movies, real estate, fintech and technology. Arti now focuses full time in the FinTech space and has helped build the Marketing division of some of them. from Canada Top Platforms, building relationships with several partners in the marketing arena within the FinTech sector nationwide.

About the Canadian National Business Awards

The Canadian National Business Awards are designed to recognize and applaud the contribution that business owners make to from Canada economy. Canadian entrepreneurs are more than just successful business owners, they are our country’s innovators. Through their thriving businesses, they push our economy to the next level and are what our communities are built on. Business awards represent excellence and achievement by entrepreneurs, as they recognize and validate all the hard work they have put into making a business successful. The awards also represent several opportunities for companies, including increasing their credibility with investors and customers. When an entrepreneur wins a business award, it boosts their reputation and enhances their trustworthiness in the eyes of others.

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