Assault on a businessman from Navi Mumbai, theft case detected: a grandson detained for conspiracy with 4 collaborators | Navi Mumbai News

NAVI MUMBAI: The Criminal Branch Central Unit team investigating the theft case in which the 62-year-old father-in-law of a Taloja business owner was assaulted and robbed of his gold. a value of Rs 13 lakhs by three attackers on December 15, detected the case after a fortnight. Cops arrested Brain, an underage boy who is the victim’s grandson with his four assistants, including two underage boys.
The arrested defendants who carried out the crime were identified as Shahrukh Qureshi (21) and Juber Khan (24), both residing in Hanuman nagar, Turbhe naka.
Giridhar Gore, Senior Inspector of Unit 2 of the Crime Branch, said: “Using the technical expertise of CCTV footage and mobile data, we focused on two attackers and arrested them in Turbhe. They led us to two underage boys from Turbhe and finally the name of the brain was revealed. He was the 17-year-old grandson of the victim Devidas Patil. Being a minor, he was questioned in the presence of his relatives, when he confessed that he had planned to rob his grandfather because he was in urgent need of money.
The minor used to drink alcohol because he had fallen in the bad company of friends, and it was with them that he planned the theft. He knew that his grandfather always wore a lot of gold ornaments and was sitting in his building material supply office in Tondre, Taloja village. The underage boy conspired with his four assistants, including two young people and two underage boys, and planned to rob his grandfather from his office.
Gore said: “On December 15th around 7:00 pm, while Patil was alone in his office, his grandson was standing far away and a minor assistant turned off the light outside the office. Then the two youths and another miner broke into the office and two youths assaulted Patil with keys and stole his gold chain, bracelet and wristwatch and the trio escaped, leaving Patil injured. and bleeding. Patil’s grandson, who was watching, went to the office after a while and took the injured Patil to hospital. We recovered 100% of the gold worth Rs 13 lakh from the arrested defendants. While the young accused Qureshi and Khan were taken into custody until January 3, the three underage boys were sent to a juvenile remand center in Bhiwandi.

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