Avon Construction Company owner sentenced to jail by Colorado court

Avon Construction Company owner sentenced to jail by Colorado court

Restitution is ordered for the family of a worker killed in a Granby trench collapse.

The owner of the construction company Avon is sentenced to jail in Colorado state court and ordered restitution for the family of a 50-year-old company employee who suffered fatal injuries in a preventable trench collapse at a Granby construction site in June 2018. The Grand Colorado State County Court sentenced Bryan Johnson, owner of ContractOne Inc., to 10 months in prison for two counts of reckless endangerment and one count of third degree assault related to the death of Rosario Martinez on June 14, 2018. Johnson pleaded guilty to the charges on June 16, 2021.

According to a Press release, in his conviction, the court also ordered Johnson to:

  • Serve three years of probation
  • Pay Martinez’s family restitution – not to exceed $ 25,000
  • Make charitable donations to local charities
  • Participate in the United States Department of Labor Workers’ Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Comprehensive safety training
  • Not to commit intentional or serious future violations of OSHA
  • Allow OSHA to inspect its sites without an administrative mandate

OSHA determined that Johnson hired Martinez to install drywall and do carpentry work, but failed to train himself or his workers to identify or avoid the dangers of trenching and trenching. excavation. When it collapsed, Martinez installed a water service line at a residential construction site. The trench collapsed the day before but Johnson did not change his procedures. Martinez’s son was also on site and helped first responders get his father out of the trench. According to the press release, OSHA investigators discovered that ContractOne Inc. intentionally failed to use a trench protection system as required. Regular site inspections were also not carried out to deal with the hazards. For example, piles of excavated soil were not placed a safe distance from the edges of the trenches, the company did not provide ladders for evacuation and did not use utility locating procedures. appropriate during trenching operations.

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