Back on board: Loryn Roberson makes a triumphant return to downhill longboarding in time to represent Team USA at the World Skate Games

Loryn Roberson, front, navigates a bend during the Maryhill Spring Freeride Downhill Skateboard Race in April. After taking a break from the sport to prioritize her career, Roberson returned to the sport this year to be named to the USA Women’s Downhill Skateboarding Team. Roberson will represent his country at the 2022 World Skate Games next week.
Loryn Roberson/Courtesy Photo

Almost four years ago, Summit’s Loryn Roberson hung up her longboard, racing kit and helmet to launch her career.

Although the decision led Roberson to a position as Communications Manager at Keystone Ski Resort and eventually Senior Communications Manager at Copper Mountain Resort, his passion for skateboarding never waned.

That fire led Roberson to place well in his first downhill skateboard race in nearly four years, opening the door for him to represent Copper Mountain Resort, Summit County and the United States at the World Skate Games in San Juan, Utah. Argentina, next week.

Roberson – or better known as Lorynlongboards on Instagram, first got into longboarding as a means of transportation during her freshman year at Central Michigan University.

“I bought my first longboard right after I graduated from high school,” Roberson said. “I bought this only for the purpose of touring my college campus.”

Shortly after buying her first longboard, Roberson discovered she could deftly descend them at a fast pace. Roberson competed in her first downhill skateboard race in 2012, and on the 2015 Downhill Skateboard World Tour, Roberson placed third overall.

Despite widespread success, Roberson made the decision in 2018 to take time off after landing his role at Keystone Ski Resort.

“I took a break from skateboarding,” Roberson said. “I was really focused on my career and the ski industry.”

This spring, Roberson made the decision to once again don his sleek aero helmet with his longboard gloves.

“As soon as I got back on my board, the thrill came back,” Roberson said of his return to the sport. “I’m a huge adrenaline junkie, and that’s been my identity for so long. I wanted to get back on the board and make sure I could still do it.

Loryn Roberson poses for a photo in the Team USA racing suit she will be wearing at the 2022 World Skate Games in San Juan, Argentina. Roberson will represent Team USA, Copper Mountain Resort and Summit County at the international competition Nov. 8-13.
Lori Roberson/Courtesy Photo

In Roberson’s first race after his break, Roberson earned a fourth-place finish at the Maryhill Spring Freeride in Washington State in April.

Back then, racing was just a freeride where a road is blocked off and the athletes go out to have fun.

“I did it to see if I could still skate and have a good time,” Roberson said. “About a month before the event, they announced that it would be a world qualifier for the USA skate team. I ended up doing really well and had a point for myself. qualify for the (world) team.

With a race under his belt for the first time in years, Roberson continued to train on the Swan Mountain Road portion of the Summit County Recreational Trail and Ute Pass Road in Summit County.

In a bid to claim a spot on the USA Women’s Downhill Skateboarding Team for the 2022 World Skate Games, Roberson competed in her second World Qualifier to rack up enough points to hopefully be named to the team. American.

At a downhill skateboard race in Vermont, Roberson placed third overall to place fourth in the United States and secure one of six spots on the World Women’s Skateboard Team. roller skates from the United States.

“It’s an incredible honor,” Roberson said. “USA has a team of pretty talented women who can shred pretty hard. Coming back – and now being considered one of the oldest people to have been on the scene for a while – was really good.

Roberson will join five other women and six men on Team USA at the World Skate Games. Each participating country will also bring their top six male and female athletes to the event.

Roberson will begin training with Team USA in San Juan on Nov. 8, then begin individual qualifying on Nov. 11. After qualifying, Roberson will be seeded into a group and then face other competitors in a series of rounds on November 11. 12.

Roberson is looking forward to visiting San Juan for the first time while striving to qualify for the downhill skateboarding final, which ends Nov. 12.

“I’m really excited to be going to see so many of my friends that I’ve met around the world,” Roberson said. “A lot of these people I’ve been skating with for 10 years, so coming back after a little break is going to be pretty awesome. A lot of us are the only women in our scene, so when we get together it’s pretty special.

Roberson is grateful to her sponsors Copper Mountain Resort, MIDS and Venom. For World Skate Games results, visit

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