Battle Creek business owner racks up millions of TikTok views

A young business owner from Battle Creek has gone viral multiple times with videos of his impressive work.

Austin Keithley owns and operates a small business called Keithley Kustomz & Liquid Graphics. According to their Facebook page, they specialize in liquid graphics also called Hydrographics. Watching this process is fascinating and oddly satisfying. This must be why his TikTok profile, @keithleykustomz, has over 136.6 thousand subscribers and over 706 thousand video likes in total.

KeithleyKustomz shows how they can apply hydrography to almost anything in this video. This video has been viewed over 6.7 million times and has over 225,000 likes.

Rolling this tumbler and applying the graphics makes it look so easy. Something tells me it’s not as simple as it looks. This video has been viewed at least 2.8 million times with nearly 180,000 likes.

Continuing its hugely popular trend with engine parts, this video of KeithleyKustomz adding graphics to an Audi valve cover has been viewed over 2.2 million times.

One of my favorite videos on the @KeithleyKustomz TikTok profile is when he dips a helmet into liquid graphics. This video has been viewed over 526,000 times.

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