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OAKLAND (KPIX) – On the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission, the Bay Area space community watched in amazement as Jeff Bezos’ journey to the edge of space aboard a Blue rocket Origin, Tuesday morning.

“Every time there’s a launch, and every time there’s a new milestone in space exploration, we’re excited,” said Adam Tobin, executive director of the Chabot Space and Science Museum. “It doesn’t matter who does it.”

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Eugene Tu, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, was “thrilled” for Bezos and praised the billionaire’s team.

“There is no desire. There really is excitement. We see them as colleagues and partners. And really, we need it. This is the only way space exploration is going to develop and hopefully be a part of everyone’s life in the future, ”Tu said.

Tu and Tobin made the remarks at a press conference to update the public on the progress of construction of the museum’s new exhibit, “The NASA Experience”, a collaboration between Chabot and Ames to “reimagine the experience. of the space museum “.

“But it’s really different. First, we don’t just look back. We’re not just looking to put an artifact or a museum piece and talk about history. We are looking to make this experience something about the present and the future as well, ”said Tu.

Chabot staff will update the 80,000 square foot facility every six months. The initial offering will include exhibits on:

  • Astrobee, a free-flight robot system designed as a research platform on the ISS-SPHERES, a long-standing and popular program, using several flight test satellites
  • – Spectracart Interactive Demo, using technology found on flights aboard NASA’s modified SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) airliner
  • Miniature version of NASA’s Ames high-speed wind tunnels
    • Tu also announced that NASA recruiters will be scouring Chabot in search of high school students who could eventually become interns at the space agency’s facilities in Mountain View.READ MORE: Newsom appoints federal prosecutor to investigate multibillion-dollar EDD debit card fraud

      “We’re looking to harness that and potentially have a pipeline of high school interns at NASA. And maybe they’ll choose a career in space, maybe not. But even if they don’t, they will benefit from this knowledge regardless of their future efforts, ”Tu said.

      “It’s definitely going to spark huge interest in these kids,” said Sage Mosely, a new junior at Piedmont High School and aspiring aeronautical engineer.

      “I feel like science seems like an intimidating career path. And I think having these museums really helps close the gap, ”said Lily Zheng, a new junior at Foothill High School in Pleasanton.

      Maxwell Edmonds-Drati, a freshman at the University of San Francisco, said the new Chabot exhibits would help round out the schools program and pique the curiosity of young visitors.

      “Do I want to be an astronaut? Do I want to be a chemist? I don’t know, because my school doesn’t have a program for either. But Chabot gives it to you, and this new exhibit gives it to you, and gives you the opportunity to interact with space science in ways that you probably couldn’t do otherwise, ”said Edmonds-Drati.

      Ultimately, Tobin said the goal of Ames’ new exhibits is to empower hungry and impressionable visitors and build their self-confidence.

      “The ability to formulate your own questions, your own curiosity, and then bring them to fruition. By experimenting, testing, trying, boldly pursuing your ideas. It’s empowerment and agency. And we think that’s the cornerstone of what our youth education should be, ”Tobin said.

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      The NASA experiment is expected to open to the public in November 2021.

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