52-year-old businessman Darryl Dindial, who was shot and killed outside his auto shop in Chaguanas on Thursday night in an attempted robbery, was seen by locals as hard-working, humble and always ready to lend a hand to those in need.

Dindial’s death therefore left those who knew him in a state of grief and feeling deprived of such a great and joyful soul. Many of them took to the streets the night he was killed to protest the rising crime in the neighborhood.

The businessman‘s death brought the number of murders in 2022 to 190. There were 119 murders in the corresponding period last year.

Police said Dindial was at his place of work, Dindial’s Auto Supplies, along the Caparo Valley Brasso Road in Montrose, when around 7 p.m. he was confronted by two men who tried to rob him. He resisted, however, and the men shot him before fleeing.

When the Express visited the place of business yesterday it was still closed, an uncharacteristic scene for a man who has made a name for himself by opening virtually every day.

Several local business owners considered Dindial a member of the family, not just a friend. Dindial’s death, according to a business owner who has known him for more than 20 years, is a tragic loss for the borough.

“I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Dindial. He was thoughtful and diligent. He worked tirelessly and never took a day off. Dindial is one of the few places you can count on to be open every days. It was only around Christmas and Divali that he closed his shop. This man was only guilty of one thing: working hard every day,” said the owner of the business.

Dindial didn’t seem to have a cruel bone in his body, according to another business owner: “He was such a real, loving, down-to-earth person. Words are insufficient to express his generosity. What happened is truly tragic. It can happen to anyone, unfortunately. On Thursday around 5pm, I left my office and met Mr. Dindial as I was leaving. I didn’t know that would be the last time I saw him.

Randolph Edwards, a vendor outside Dindial Auto Supplies who sells water and juice, said he would remember the business owner for his kindness.

“Mr. Dindial made deals with me to pay for parts for my truck when I had no money at the time, but he still gave me the parts. He was a trustworthy person and my favorite client. Whoever did this to him will not be forgiven. Take the money or the truck if you want, don’t kill it,” he said.

While major business owners want the individual or people responsible for Dindial’s murder to be brought to justice as soon as possible, they said the Chaguanas police’s poor response time is undermining their confidence in the service. Trinidad and Tobago Police.

Feeling of hopelessness

Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed said yesterday, “I feel a deep and heartbreaking loss to our community and humanity because I grew up in Chaguanas. I understand the struggle and the cries of the residents because I too am worried about my family and loved ones. Owners and contractors are furious and disappointed because they think the government is not doing enough,” he said.

Residents of Longdenville feel desperate because their calls to the police are often answered by busy phone lines or the generic “There are no vehicles at the moment,” he said.

Although he said the situation was critical, Mohammed said the Central Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service was not to blame.

“The officers there are dedicated and eager to go the extra mile, but their job is made incredibly difficult by a lack of resources,” he said.

Mohammed asked Fitzgerald Hinds, the Minister of National Security, to solve the problem.

In the clutches of criminals

Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Richie Sookhai yesterday expressed his condolences to Dindial’s family and urged the government to do more to protect the lives and livelihoods of citizens.

“The senseless murder of such a respected businessman in our city truly disturbs and saddens us,” he said.

“Thefts and burglaries have recently increased in central neighborhoods, especially in places like Montrose, Enterprise, Longdenville and Endeavour, to name a few. We must not allow our society or our country to fall into the clutches of criminals, or be paralyzed by fear and worry,” he said.

Sookhai called on the government to restart the Firearms Licensing (FUL) process so that business owners can be better protected.

“It would definitely help ease some of the concerns of the business community,” Sookhai added.

Mayor Mohammed supports FUL for business owners as he said thefts are unplanned and the criminal elements are better prepared than their victims.

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