Bengaluru: Businessman rapes 20-year-old tenant at gunpoint in police custody | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: A 20-year-old girl from West Bengal, who was attending bachelor’s degree courses in Bangalore, was allegedly raped at gunpoint by her landlord in the central business district.
The incident, which occurred on April 11, erupted on Sunday with the arrest of the 46-year-old businessman. The defendant is from Bihar and runs a mosaic tile business in the city, and lived with his wife and children.
The man reportedly broke into the survivor’s bedroom and threatened her with his licensed gun before raping her. Police said the accused used to harass the girl about friends visiting her and even threatened her about a male friend. “I objected to his intervention and even had arguments about my friends visiting the house,” police quoted in the girl’s complaint.
Recently, the accused had caused a scene when the survivor had a visitor. “He locked the male friend’s bike and told them it was done by the police who were going to open a human trafficking case against them,” an official said.
He lent the girl’s friend his car and asked her to leave, police said, adding that he then began blackmailing her. “He threatened to inform his parents in West Bengal about this incident. The girl asked him not to do so as her father was ill,” police said.
This continued for a few days and he used force after learning that she intended to leave the house. “On the night of the incident, he made threats against the girl saying he had a lot of influence and no one could do anything to her. He then raped her under the threat of a weapon,” police added.
The survivor and the accused have undergone a medical examination, the results of which are pending. “We were granted three days’ custody and we seized his revolver. The defendant claimed to have been framed by the young girl for resisting the visit of her friend,” said a police source.
(Victim’s identity has not been released to protect her privacy in accordance with Supreme Court guidelines in sexual assault cases)

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