“Black Women Travel Podcast” Brings Compassion and Community to Entrepreneurs Who Travel on the Go

From the many places her wandering heart has taken her, digital nomad Wanda duncan felt the need to create a safe space for women like her. Traveling the world as a black woman has its challenges, and for Solo travelers like Duncan, it can be difficult to find a community to identify with and connect with.

Courtesy of Wanda Duncan

Duncan has traveled from Ireland to Thailand to Malaysia for the past six years and with intent. Its path towards digital nomadism has not always been straight. From leaving his job at CNN to moving to El Salvador, Duncan used his experiences to prepare for living abroad full time. Since New Year’s Day 2016, she has not set foot in the United States.

Duncan knew that digital nomadism was the life she wanted for herself, but amid incredible adventures, she set out to create a community of black entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

In 2017 Duncan turned his efforts to Facebook and created a group that will eventually grow exponentially in four years.

“I saw a few other black women who were like me who were making their own income and traveling as they wanted, and I said, ‘I don’t see there’s room for us,’ said Duncan. AFAR review. “I would like to create this. “

Let’s say the rest is history.

Now thriving with more than 2,400 members, the Black Women Digital Nomadic Entrepreneurs The group is dedicated to helping women travel better, travel longer and earn money online. This diverse community of women includes those in traditional 9-to-5 jobs and enjoy traveling, while others are aspiring business owners and own businesses online. Duncan invites conversations in the group on relevant topics that impact black women, travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and online business owners.

the Black Women’s Travel Podcast was born in the summer of 2019 and was created to bring voices to the conversations held in the group. Every Sunday, in a new episode, Duncan and her guests explore the stories of black women from diverse backgrounds and discuss what it means to be a black female entrepreneur on the go.

Mental health was featured heavily in the podcast, as in recent episodes titled “How To Build A Trustworthy Relationship With Yourself” and “How To Believe In Yourself And Get What You Want.” Duncan always aims to provide a space that fosters empathy and compassion for women, given the ongoing challenges listeners can relate to.

In addition to the podcast, Duncan hosted the Black Women’s International Travel Jubilee, a conference for women to socialize and connect with other entrepreneurs, expats, content creators and influencers. Last December, she celebrated the second annual jubilee and presented the very first Black Women Travel Awards.

Duncan is currently home based outside Tirana, Albania.

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