Brooklyn teahouse owners Alfonso and Jamila Wright talk design with Canva

Spreading love is the Brooklyn way. That’s exactly what couple Alfonso and Jamila Wright are doing with their Bed Stuy-based company, Brooklyn Tea.

What started in 2019 as a tea room in the heart of Bed Stuy has grown into a global brand. As it stands in 2022, they offer their own teas, merchandise, events, and most recently expanded their locations beyond Brooklyn with a teahouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

But of course, with growth comes challenges. And that includes graphic design. Although the Wrights are multi-talented tea experts and community builders, neither are trained design experts, so branding is one area they would like to expand their skills into. Fortunately, Canva is here to help. Not only is Canva a powerful visual communications platform that small business owners like the founders of Brooklyn Tea can use right away, but it’s also there to connect The Wrights with creative director Brittany Bosco, founder of the creative agency. Slug, to help her lend her professional eye. to their brand upgrades. But before the Wrights tied the knot with Bosco, they sat down with us to talk about being a black-owned business, the importance of community, their design challenges, and how they’re hoping.” exceed their weight class” with a platform like Canva.

The Wrights on starting Brooklyn tea:

“We have studied our industry in depth. We spent every possible weekend visiting tea houses near and far to take notes on tea offerings, decor, type of customer service and what made their spaces unique. Countless hours have been spent at the Brooklyn Public Library reading about start-ups, interior design, product design, and business plan writing guides.

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