Business owner reports altered check for $7,000 reported by bank: Broadview Heights Police Blotter


Forged check, Town Center Drive: On September 19, police were dispatched to a Town Center Drive business regarding a report of theft.

An arriving officer spoke to the caller, who said his accountant was his father, who a month earlier had sent checks to the Royalton Road post office.

Due to recent issues involving stolen checks from outside mailboxes, the man went inside to put the checks in the mail.

Later that day, a check was amended and cashed for the written amount of $7,260.

Fortunately, the bank flagged the transaction as suspicious and reversed the deposit, meaning the woman had no money.

There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

Impersonation, Prestwick Drive: On September 15, a resident of Prestwick Drive called the police about an identity theft.

An arriving officer spoke to the man, who said he received a call from his accountant about a problem.

The resident said another party tried to steal his identity and file his taxes electronically using his information for the 2021 tax year.

The man said that after contacting the necessary parties to rectify the situation, he was advised to make a police report.

As for filing his taxes, the man said he did it on paper and also received a secure PIN for future use.

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