Businessman Bale’s plans also spark controversy

Dalthough Bristol City Council granted permission to Gareth Balecompany to open an indoor golf bar in the town centre, their idea was met with opposition from neighbors and raised concerns among the police.

Those opposing the plans have argued that another bar opening in the downtown Cumulative Impact Zone (CIA) would only increase anti-social behavior and noise in the area.

However, the lawyer Ballthe society Real Bristol Swing, Light Roypointed out that their intention is to promote other activities rather than drinking.

“One of the managers who is not here today is an avid golfer, a well-known footballer and a non-drinker,” Light told the town hall.

“He wanted to try to promote places where people could come where drinking wasn’t the main thing when you went out for a night out.

“These premises are not a liquor bar, they are not clubs. This is primarily an indoor adventure golf facility.

“The strength of local feeling is recognized by the applicants. They are confident that these premises can operate successfully without causing problems for residents or increasing problems in the area and will be a positive addition to central Bristol.”


Although Ball‘s first asked for the bar to be open until 1.30am Thursday to Saturday and close an hour earlier the rest of the night, they made a deal with the police and neighbors to cut it by an hour and treat Thursday as a weeknight.

“The company that real swing wants to operate is not just a golf entertainment space, but another nighttime drinking venue in an area that is already saturated,” said ward councilor Hotwells & Harborside, Alex Hartley.

“Original plans were clearly focused on golf, but now it’s a side attraction.

“This is a densely populated residential area with hundreds of apartments. It already suffers from a very high amount of anti-social behavior, and the opening of a new bar will increase that.”

the real Madrid the striker opened his own golf course in a nightclub in Cardiff last month.

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