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An avowed vaccine skeptic who is gravely ill after contracting Covid says he now hopes he has the courage to ‘do the right thing’ and take the jab.

Tony Foy (51), from Ballybofey, was speaking in an emotional video recorded from his hospital bed in Letterkenny.

A former businessman for the family-owned Foy & Co, he is now the Executive Director of Net Ministries Ireland, an evangelical organization that works with young people.

In the video, the father of seven describes himself as a fit and healthy individual who has taken almost all of the recommended precautions to avoid contracting the disease.

However, clearly struggling to breathe and connected to an oxygen machine, he said he felt the initial response to the pandemic in March 2020 was “disproportionate” and that he had “little confidence” in the government. .

“In 2018, when those same guys (politicians) who are now giving us health advice started dancing at Dublin Castle (during the abortion referendum result), something broke inside me,” said he explained.

“I said ‘I wasn’t going to take the health advice of these guys.’ And then someone sent me a message from Pope Francis pleading for the Covid vaccines, and I completely ignored it… I’m not proud of it. “

Instead, he took tons of health supplements and kept himself in shape while taking other precautions.

Tony Foy in healthier times.

He also revealed that about a quarter of Net Ministries’ 40 young missionaries had taken the vaccine.

All but two have contracted Covid, however, the unvaccinated, including himself, have been the most severely affected. The vaccinated limbs only experienced “very extremely mild symptoms”.

He said a young Letterkenny nurse told him that while he respected his decision not to vaccinate, the vast majority of patients hospitalized in the past two weeks with Covid were not vaccinated and were between 40 and 40 years old. and 50 years old.

When asked what he would do differently, given he is critically ill in hospital after contracting Covid, Mr Foy had this to say.

“Looking into my children’s eyes as I walked to the hospital, I didn’t feel responsible enough,” he said.

“I wouldn’t want another parent to feel how I feel, leaving my family and knowing it was potentially unnecessary.”

Mr Foy said that Pope Francis, by encouraging people to get vaccinated, had let Catholics “get away with morals and ethics for this vaccine”, but he had it ” totally ignored “.

“This is by no means a pro-vaccine video, but I know what I would do differently,” he said.

“I know that when the time comes, I hope I have the courage to do the right thing and follow the Pope (regarding vaccination) and stay with the Pope. If we as Catholics needed unity in this and in God’s blessing, it’s now. I think that’s why God might have wanted me to do this video, so you can learn something from it.

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