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A businessman from Marietta presented two proposals to Marietta city council on Tuesday evening regarding parking and alfresco dining.

Ari Gold, owner of TLV restaurant in downtown Marietta, spoke to the board about al fresco dining at his establishment.

After describing her proposal, General Counsel Susan Boyer said she had questions about the doors. She was concerned that there would be no access to the upstairs apartments unless the tenants went through the outdoor dining area.

Gold said his solution was to have a door between his two buildings so tenants could enter without having to go through the outdoor space.

Questions have also been raised regarding the permanent attachment of anything to the sidewalk. Gold said he wanted to use planters that could be moved.

Al fresco dining at Tampico on Second Street has been brought up, as they also have a barrier, though it’s only supposed to be used in the summer.

Fourth Quarter City Councilor Geoff Schenkel said he was in office when the approval was given to Tampico for their barriers.

“I thought we would approve something that would be removed in winter” he said.

Gold also presented a proposal for a new parking system.

He said it’s very difficult to find a parking spot downtown, but downtown businesses could sell scratch cards that drivers put on their dashboards and get two hours of parking.

Gold said that at the same time the city gets paid for the cards, businesses can advertise on the back and businesses that advertise can get a percentage of sales.

“It’s common in Europe. It’s just a suggestion because there has been a lot of talk about parking ”, he said.

The companies bought the cards from the city and then sold them to customers.

Boyer said the strongest concern she’s heard about parking is from renters parking all day.

Gold is also proposing that the side closest to shopping be the two-hour paid parking, while the other side would be the short-term parking lot.

General Councilor Cassidi Shoaf asked about the cost of parking in town, which is $ 25 per month, but director of security, Steve Wetz, said there was a waiting list to get a parking space in town.

Gold said he saw where people can download an app, enter their license number and get their cards through their phones. For people who are not comfortable with this, they can still get the paper maps.

First Ward Councilor Mike Scales asked Gold if he had spoken to Marietta Main Street or the Chamber of Commerce about the proposal. When Gold said he didn’t, Scales said he would start there to see how the new parking system would be. “Affect tourist trade and downtown business trade.”

“What you are asking for is a major change in the way Marietta does things”, Scales says. “A major change at Marietta takes time. Consensus must be found.

Theresa Taylor, director of human resources, also appeared before the board to talk about a new lieutenant position for the police department.

She hopes the board will pass an ordinance to create the post so the department is ready for the testing process in the spring.

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In short :

¯ A local businessman spoke to council on Monday about al fresco dining.

¯ He also contributed an idea for a new parking system.

¯ The Marietta police want to add a lieutenant’s post.

Source: Marietta City Council.

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