Businessman slams council after eight-month wait for application for outdoor adventure golf course in Aylesbury

Terry Benwell is part of the Aylesbury Golf Center team awaiting a decision on plans to add an adventure golf club to its site.

Terry wants to build the first adventure golf club in the area to complement the driving range and bar near the center.

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Plans submitted for first outdoor adventure golf course in Aylesbury

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Aylesbury Golf Center wants to add an adventure course to the site

The Bucks Council linked the delays to an influx of applications received in 2021 which created a backlog.

In addition, the local authority reports that requests for additional information have slowed down the application process in this case.

The council aims to respond to complaints as quickly as possible and seeks to adhere to statutory guidelines that a response must be given within eight to 13 weeks.

On-site driving range

When the council exceeds the expected waiting times, it tries to agree a later approval date with the client.

In this case, it did not happen.

In letters sent to local MPs and council officials, Terry called the council an “omnibus” and called the authority “rotten” and “lazy”.

Frustration within the club has been heightened given the positive response the idea has received since the bid last September.

The request to build a new 12-hole adventure golf course and create space for an additional 48 parking spaces received a dozen positive responses.

He has received high profile support from local councilor Julie Ward who serves Aston Clinton and Bierton.

She thinks the new course could become a “valuable local recreational asset”.

Councilor Gareth Williams, explained why the local authority has not issued a definitive response, saying: “We are aware of the delays this application has faced.

“Unfortunately, this delay is due to an increase in the number of requests received in 2021, which we have been and continue to actively manage in order to reduce extended delays.

“In this particular case, we have also allowed the applicant to submit additional information during the process to attempt to resolve technical issues related to the ecology. We are working to determine this specific application by the end of June and thank the residents for their patience.

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