Businessman Will Pay Investor Sharpe For Unnecessary Costs

By Lisa Nyanhongo

Last week, High Court judge Mr Justice Jacob Manzunzu ordered property developer George Katsimberis to pay the costs of the managing director (CEO) of Pokugara Properties, Ken Sharpe, for time lost in a case he was asking for a ban in the ownership dispute.

The affair had not started at the instance of Katsimberis.

The two are involved in several legal disputes and in the latest case, Katsimberis and his company Coolfitch Investments sued Sharpe, Pokugara Properties and its trustees, Castlehope Investments, Pokugara Eco Friendly and Registrar of Deeds as first through sixth defendants.

After the case fell through, Judge Manzunzu adjourned the case, but said Katsimberis should pay all defendants at the attorney and client scale.

“Whereup, having read the papers on file and heard counsel, it is ordered that the matter be adjourned…the plaintiff is to pay the unnecessary costs for today on the scale of a barrister and a customer,” Manzunzu said.

Katsimberis wanted an order that Pokugara properties Ltd shall, within 30 days from the date of the order, transfer certain stands to Pokugara Ecofriendly.

“We therefore request a restrain against the defendants from disposing of the properties until case number 3810/2020 has been resolved,” he said.

Meanwhile, Katsimberis faces further criminal charges of fraud in a similar case where he is accused of fraudulently acquiring fake building plans to build cluster homes in Borrowdale as part of a joint venture deal. with the properties of Pokugara.

The trial in the case is still ongoing with several witnesses lined up to testify.

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