Businessmen back Duque’s proposal to increase minimum wage by 10.07%

Bogotá, Dec. 13 (EFE) .- Colombian businessmen on Monday supported President Iván Duque’s proposal to increase the country’s minimum wage by 10.07% to exceed one million pesos (approximately $ 257).

The president of the National Association of Colombian Entrepreneurs (Andi), Bruce Mac Master, assured after meeting Duque that they had reached a consensus to support the increase proposed by the president.

“We have worked with the national government and with other unions over the past three months to try to offer the best possibility of increasing the minimum wage. Our goal was to reach the million pesos and luckily we came to a consensus on entrepreneurship, ”Mac Master said.

The leader added: “We do it with pride, we imagine it as a great act of solidarity, an act of nationality, of community work and of being able to build together. “


Last year, businessmen and the government agreed to set the minimum wage at 908,526 pesos (about $ 259.76 at the time), plus a transport aid of 106,454 pesos (over $ 30 ), which represented an increase of 3.5% over the previous year. .

However, the devaluation of the peso means that the one million pesos proposed by the government for 2022 is equivalent to less than the minimum wage negotiated for that year, with inflation in the country at 4.86% so far this year. year.

However, Duque asserted that it was not only “the largest nominal increase of this century” in the minimum wage in Colombia, but “also the real increase, above inflation, which could be the higher by one period. almost 50 years old. “

For this reason, he valued “the support of employers in a collective construction which began to take shape several months ago”, who were aware that “it is a measure which helps the country to reactivate, which honors worker and who recognizes the effort what workers nationwide have been doing in the midst of the pandemic. “

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