By allocating everything from pandemic relief to rare COVID treatments, the Biden team is racist

Last January, newly elected President Joe Biden pledged to fight racism and unify the nation. Instead, in his first year, he imposed a harsh agenda of backwards racism into everything from distributing pandemic aid to allocating rare COVID treatments.

Racial favoritism affects every way this administration treats Americans.

New guidelines from Biden’s Food and Drug Administration ask states to reserve monoclonal antibody drugs for patients with medical risk factors such as obesity and kidney disease. But here’s the catch: The FDA is also urging them to consider race and ethnicity as risk factors, aside from medical condition.

Thus, a black patient with no health problem will automatically be put before a white patient without a health problem. It’s disgusting. Each patient deserves to be treated as an individual and not as a member of a group.

Biden’s Treasury Department is rolling out a $ 10 billion program to help small business owners with loans and grants. Businesses owned by minorities, women, non-English speakers and ex-convicts top the list.

Regulators in the Biden administration are using weasel words to obscure the truth about who will benefit from this state’s small business credit initiative. Regulators speak of “disadvantaged” groups, but this is defined by race and ethnicity, not actual hardship.

Eligibility also includes anyone who has “resided for a long time in an environment isolated from the mainstream of American society.” Translation: ex-cons. White male business owners who obey the law and have never been to jail are out of luck.

It’s more the same with this administration. Biden’s American Rescue Act, passed in March, is riddled with discrimination. This law divided taxpayers’ money for the benefit of minorities and whites in the name of fairness. Biden’s Agriculture Department offered minority farmers an unconditional loan rebate, but white farmers were not eligible.

Biden’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund has pushed minority and female restaurant owners to the forefront for huge giveaways – up to $ 10 million per business owner. Sorry, white men.

Federal judges have suspended these programs until white challengers have their chance in court. Biden’s awakened push for fairness abandons America’s greatest principle – equality before the law. But Biden persists, bowing to his political supporters. To hell with equal rights.

The infrastructure bill passed in November is rife with anti-white racism. It includes grants to install solar and wind technologies in disadvantaged areas. But when entrepreneurs bid, minority-owned businesses will be selected first.

The bill also allocates money to improve urban traffic patterns. Entrepreneurs and subcontractors only have priority if they belong to minorities or women. Caucasian male business owners can take a hike.

Pew Research Center college admissions race

Asians too, according to Biden. On December 13, Biden’s Justice Department urged the Supreme Court not to hear a challenge to Harvard University admissions policies, which complainants say deny admission to Asians who have grades and much better test scores than black and white applicants.

The Trump Justice Department is committed to challenging these racial preferences, and the American public supports it. Nearly three-quarters of Americans oppose consideration of race and ethnicity in admission decisions, and that includes 65% of Hispanics and 62% of blacks, according to Pew Research. In November 2020, California, the most left-wing and most racially diverse state in the country, voted against reinstating affirmative action in state hiring and admissions to public universities.

Biden’s education department suspends federal grants to encourage state education bureaucrats to embrace critical race theory and the New York Times’ disputed “1619 Project 1619.”

hiring race pew research

The administration pursues indoctrination and reverse racism in the workplace. Do the Americans want this? Absolutely not. Three-quarters of Americans oppose the use of race to decide who gets hired and promoted, Pew found.

Biden ignores him. He cynically gives his political supporters what they want and in so doing tears deep wounds in the nation.

When blacks and Latinos are placed on the front lines for medical treatment, get the first installments of pandemic relief funds, or are hired faster or admitted to college more easily, other people suffer. Lives and livelihoods are affected.

Americans want to be treated like individuals and to treat others that way.

Betsy McCaughey is a former Lieutenant Governor of New York.

Twitter: @Betsy_McCaughey

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