Cape Riverfront Market will host Youth Entrepreneurship Day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – Youth Entrepreneurship Day, a one-day event created to encourage youth entrepreneurship, will be on the agenda at Cape Riverfront Market this week.

Scheduled for Saturday, September 10, this event aims to instill an appreciation for business and entrepreneurship, as well as encourage community engagement and support for small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

This is achieved through grants provided by SendAFriend and a marketplace platform to sell products provided by the Cape Riverfront Market.

“The Cape Riverfront Market has been such a catalyst for small businesses in our downtown,” said Tori Holmes, Co-Director of Cape Riverfront Market. “It’s exciting to see the engagement of families and young people in our market. »

SendAFriend and Old Town Cape have chosen three $250 grant winners for the event, who will also be featured on Cape Riverfront Market’s social media with booth space for sale at the market.

“We believe Youth Entrepreneurship Day is a great opportunity to really capture the attention of the younger generation and could provide them with a platform for future business ventures as well as teaching valuable life skills,” said Cape Riverfront market co-director Sydney Waters.

The winners are:

  • Caitlyn Ernst – Fragrant soy solutions
  • Vita Galati – Goodies from Galati
  • Marcellis Taylor – Tofu Da Customizer

The purpose of the grant provided by SendAFriend is to cover business related costs.

Old Town Cape indicates that examples of qualifying business expenses are signage and marketing; the seller’s booth installed products such as tablecloths, displays, etc. ; product manufacturing expenses; or supplies and materials to create products.

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