Cheeky burglars secure £ 40,000 raid on business owner’s home

Burglars have looted the homes of family business owners, stealing £ 40,000 from a safe in a single devastating raid.

The thieves have targeted owners of take-out and money-dependent restaurants in Worcestershire, including one just north of Worcester on Friday evening. During this particular heist, the safe containing the money was taken away.

Officers investigating the raids said the break-ins had been “devastating” to business owners and their families at a time when they were already struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ongoing investigation is at a sensitive stage and, at this time, officers are not disclosing the names of the companies that have been targeted while they continue their investigations.

However, the six home burglaries have all taken place in Worcestershire in the past six weeks. In the meantime, all businesses have been urged to ensure that their proceeds are banked frequently and not stored in homes as they ask for information that could catch offenders.

DI Dave Knight, based at Worcester Police Station, said he believed some sort of surveillance was taking place in relation to these offenses and that it was part of a larger national issue.

DI Knight said: “We have a dedicated team of detectives investigating this series of offenses. We take this very seriously. It has had a devastating emotional and financial impact on the victims who work hard to ensure the success of their crime. company during Covid testing. ”

The offenses concern burglars who follow victims to their homes or target them in accommodation linked to their business premises.

Inspector Fergus Green said it was not the big chains that were targeted, but smaller, independent and often family-run food, take-out and hotel businesses known to rely on cash transactions .

Inspector Green said of the victims: “These are the people who can least afford to lose money.

He said the advice was not to store large amounts of money at home and not to take bank withdrawals more frequently.

“Be vigilant. Think about your security. Consider increasing the frequency of banking transactions to make the business a less desirable target,” he said.

Those with information on burglaries can contact West Mercia Police on 101. Those with information regarding the theft of the safe can cite 22/10962/21.

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