Chicago District Office Rewards Dearborn, Mich., Circuit Inspectors With Collaborative Parts

By Felicia Thompson, OPACE

Team members proudly hold their coins for collaboration, one of FSIS’s core values. Pictured front row, left to right: Consumer Safety Inspectors (CSIs) Michael Raymond and Jessica Carter. Pictured, back row, left to right: Chicago District Assistant Director Dr. Tamara Davis, CSI Marco Cervantes and Food Inspectors (Exports) Myra Kramp and (Imports) Curtis Judgeware. Photo of Front Line Supervisor Dennis Wlasiuk, OFO.

On October 27, Dr. Tamara Davis, Deputy District Director of Chicago, presented inspectors with collaborative reconnaissance pieces from the Dearborn, Michigan circuit. Employees, who are assigned to different establishments, received the coins for their collaborative efforts with their Front Line Supervisor (FSL) Dennis Wlasiuk and other FLS in the Chicago District to ensure a transparent execution of the mission of the agency during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspectors protected the health of the public without disruption throughout fiscal 2021 when they employed egg products, livestock slaughter and processing, and import and export establishments.

“The team grew stronger, covered additional facilities, and volunteered to travel to other circuits in the four Chicago District states to perform inspection tasks where needed. It made us more flexible and allowed other circuits in the district to receive the help they needed, ”said Dr. Davis. “Their efforts are a great example of team members working together to ensure that the Agency’s mission is accomplished.

Team members share their thoughts on public service, working at FSIS and being recognized with a coin.

First row, from the left:
Michel Raymond has been part of FSIS for over 10 years. He is posted to Establishment (Est.) 2574D in Detroit, Michigan. “I chose the public service to be able to do well every day. I like having a job where doing the right thing is the only thing that matters. The results of our work don’t always seem tangible as we aren’t notified every time a family dines and doesn’t get sick, but I find great satisfaction in fulfilling our crucial mission of keeping food safe and healthy every day. . Everyone at FSIS is working towards the same mission. We all have the same impact. It was nice to get additional recognition during one of the most difficult times in our country’s history. No matter how difficult things get, people need to eat and they shouldn’t have to worry if their next meal will make them sick.

Jessica carter is a 14 year old FSIS employee posted to Est. 10125 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. “I chose to work for the public service to give back to my community. I love my work! I feel determined and empowered to work for FSIS knowing that I care for the safety of the public. By giving the work 100 percent every day, it lets the Agency know that the public is in good hands. I am honored to receive the collaboration piece.

Back row from the left:
Dr Tamara Davis.

Marco Cervantes is assigned to East. 6939 in Roseville, Michigan. He has worked for FSIS for six years. “I chose this career path because public sector employees report feeling that the work they do benefits humanity, not just business profits. I see the role as a way to develop my career in a forward-thinking agency, within a well-established agency. I protect the health of the public, even if that means traveling to other states and working seven days a week. I am honored! The awards recognize hard work and achievement, and they can boost employee morale and motivation as they recognize their contribution to your agency’s success.

Myra kramp has worked for FSIS for 14 years and works in Hamtramck, Michigan, East. V-3463. “I worked as a barber in a poultry factory for 10 years before applying to FSIS. I felt I could contribute more, learn more and travel more as a public servant. The work is very rewarding. I like being able to interact with the industry and learn more about the different processes. My current position as an Export Inspector is important because I not only verify that the American product meets the standards of other countries, but also when it is returned to the United States for some reason, the food is still a healthy product before being marketed. It feels good to receive recognition for a job well done.

Curtis Judgeware is assigned to East. I-265 in Hamtramck, Michigan. He has worked for FSIS for nine years. “I chose public service because I wanted to make a difference in the world and protect public health. My work means a lot to me. It offers me financial security and challenges me to be a better me. My work impacts the Agency by ensuring the safety of the food source around the world. Receiving the Collaboration Coin shows the Agency’s appreciation during this difficult time, and I am very honored to have received this token of appreciation. “

Back of the collaborative piece Front of the collaborative piece

Photos by Dr Davis, OFO.

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